Lucky Me

Have I said recently that I have the best daughters? 'Cause I do :))
Last night Laura (my oldest daughter)
bought me some beautiful flowers for - wait for it - being brave at the dentist, hee hee.  How cute is that, role reversal or what!!! I remember doing that for them when they were wee. Not flowers or course but you know what I mean.
Anyway, it's actually two presents in one because not only do I get to look at these lovely flowers but I can take pictures and practice doing some close up shots as well. The gift that just keeps giving :)

Aren't they just beautiful.


Jill said…
Beautiful photos of your beautiful flowers! Good for your daughter on treating her Mom. :)
TexWisGirl said…
they're lovely - as is your girl!
Debbie said…
those roses are georgeous!! they look yellow in the first picture and peach in the close-up!! very sweet of your special girl!!
Leontien said…
Beautiful flowers and i like the first close up shot very much! (well i like them all but i like that one the best)! And your daughters sounds like sweethearts!

And yes animal crackers all the way!
Anonymous said…
They are beautiful! What a sweet, sweet thing to do for Mom!
orchid said…
Dear my new friend Ellie!!!
How gorgeous these flowers are♡♡♡
And, yes I think you are a very LUCKY lady to have sweet daughter(s).
Your picyures are beautiful♬♬♬
Love and lots of Hugs to you, Orchid*
Flora said…
Oh what beautiful beautiful flowers....Lucky girl that you are!! You'll have to go to the dentist more often:)
Dianna said…
What a sweet, sweet gesture. I'm thinking those girls' mom raised 'em right!
Beautiful photos too!
geeze those are GORGEOUS photos! ;)
What a lovely surprise. I have not been given flowers for many moons until my birthday this year. Our French neighbours went overboard :-)) It is such a nice feeling. Hope the tooth feels fine today. Diane
deb duty said…
That is so sweet! She is such a thoughtful daughter. Your photos of your flowers are just absolutely gorgeous. I tried to decide on a favorite, but I love them all!
Pradeepa said…
Gorgeous flowers. That's a beautiful shade of yellow.
I love the flowers Ellie,
they are beautiful.

Your photos are great too.

Wasn't she a lovely girl to treat you for being "brave"

Enjoy the lovely blooms.
Sheila said…
How beautiful and so sweet of your daughter to give these to you for being so brave :-)
Eileen said…
Lovely flowers and lovely thoughtful daughter.
Janie said…
The flowers are as lovely as your dear daughter thinking of you. I do believe roles reverse. I don't mind unless the kids start telling me how to do things that I have done all my life. But then again I bite my tounge and cherish that they care. Your photographs are great.
missing moments said…
Beautiful flowers and your daughter is sweet as well!
Rose said…
They are wonderful...and your daughter even more so.
geetlee said…
Oh Ellie, such beautiful flowers :) how thoughtful of Laura! :) A great way to start the weekend, I hope you had a great one! :)
Costin Comba said…
Great close up shots. Beautiful flower, wonderful gesture from your daughter. Greetings from Romania.
Sara said…
Beautiful, how sweet is your daughter! I love the softness of your shots!

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