Faux Pas In The Kitchen

I don't think I've put this picture up before, but I quite like it.

Now on to the faux pas in the kitchen.

I was given some apples from a friend's garden this afternoon and I thought Apple Crumble. I LOVE apple crumble - I mean really!!  So I got ready and started making it - got all the ingredients out and peeled the apples etc. All was going really well and the smell was delicious.

So we finished our chicken casserole - which WAS lovely by the way.  I got the ice cream out the freezer and cut up the apple crumble. It looked so tasty - huh little did I know.  Anyway Emma is getting stuck into it and I noticed she had a funny look on her face.  Being to polite she didn't like to say 'mum this is boggin'  (translation - really not nice).  She did say mum this tastes a bit funny, a bit like curry.  Dan was happily getting through his with no complaints, I was eating mine and as she said that I though mmmm there is a bit of a taste to this.  So I had a look in my pantry and  found, to my horror,  I had put cumin in instead of cinnamon. 

By this time Dan had finished his and when he realised what I done he didn't ask for seconds (as he usually would have).  Both Emma and I left ours and I put the rest in the bin. So disappointing!!!  Anyway I've got lots more apples so I'll try again next time and I'm going to hide the CUMIN.


Jill said…
LOL! I've done stuff like that too so I laugh with you...not at you.

Your picture is lovely!
Annabella said…
Love that hubby was tucking in without complaint! Such a shame - you`ll just have to make another and perhaps I will too!
Karen said…
Oh, that'a a great photo Ellie!
Cumin and apples...a new taste sensation?
geetlee said…
darn!! I always make mistakes in the kitchen, the dinner I made today was short on salt!
lovely pic though :) hope you had a great weekend
Dianna said…
Oh, that's too bad. Well, the words "cinnamon" and "cumin" both begin with C, and have an M and an N, so it's an easy mistake!

Sorry your crumble was ruined though...
deb duty said…
Lovely photo! I love the water drops. Too bad about the dessert, but at least your husband liked it!
Lovely photo Ellie.

Bad luck about the apple crumble!!!

Better luck next time!

lisa said…
Well, I did use 1 cup of salt instead of 1 cup of sugar once.
You can imagine what that must have been like!!
Rose said…
I had to come back to find this...haha I think we have all done things like this at one time or another.

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