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You know that way when you are so tired your brain feels numb? Well that's how I felt last night. Hence no post. What do you mean you don't know that feeling and it's just me!!!  Oh well.
It must have been Emma's tiredness transferring itself onto me :)  Anyway, Emma took lots of pictures when she was away (a chip of the old block that one) and they are very good. But, the picture below I loved. She was in Block Island an island off Rhode Island. It took 45 minutes on a ferry to get there. She said it was beautiful and that she had lots of fun.  By the look of her pictures I would have to agree with her. She didn't know who the people were sitting on the rock, she just snapped the picture.  Apparently there were 250 steps (yes 250) down to that beach - not only did you have to go down them but you had climb back up them as well. Eeeeeek.  Ha, I was going to say I'm glad I wasn't there but I would be lying!!
Emma's picture - Block Island

 Her team won their first hockey match 2-1, second match was a draw at 1-1 and her third match they won 3-0.  Yay go them!!!  They spent some time in the Boston schools and stayed a few nights with host families and she has made lots of new friends. 

 They took a Duck Tour in Boston, did lots of some sight-seeing and some shopping at Quincy Market. She came home with jumpers, t-shirts, dresses, converses  - you name it she brought it home. Her case was much heavier coming home that it did when she left lol. Anyway she wants to move there when she is older. We''ll see!!


Jill said…
Emma's photo is fantastic. It just transport you away while looking at it.
Annabella said…
Hope you are feeling more energized now Ellie - love the Rhode Island shot!
Sheila said…
Gorgeous picture , Emma has a good eye and is a great photographer .It sounds like her trip was wonderful and congrats to her team for winning!Hope the fog has cleared:-)
TexWisGirl said…
i believe you were finally able to let your guard down and stop worrying for your traveling daughter - that's why you were so brain tired!
Pat MacKenzie said…
That's a beautiful picture Emma took. I think if I climbed down 250 steps to the beach I'd have to set up came there and wait to be rescued by a boat!

My youngest daughter had a bit of wanderlust too and when she was 19 she went to Scotland (Dundee) with a work program and lived there working at various temp jobs for a year. I was so afraid she'd never come home. Her roots were calling to her. She came home after a year and hasn't wandered since
Maryvel Friesen said…
That is a VERY nice picture of what it looks like a wonderful place! I would have loved to be there too!
lisa said…
Emma's photograph is beautiful Ellie!
Debbie said…
what a beautiful photograph of such a pretty place!
Rose said…
You will have to share a few more of her pics...or she could start a blog and show us herself!
geetlee said…
this is so gorgeous! True, Emma does have your knack of taking lovely pictures!
I'm glad to know she had fun. I love duck tours! I did one when my family was here. It was cool!!
Sonya Heilmann said…
Boston is a fun place! My husband, daughter, and I used to live there. Duck Tours are certainly fun; my husband and I went on one the first week we lived there; it's a fun way to see the city.

That's a great photo. Congrats to your daughter and her team. I'm glad they had a fun time.

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