The perils of relaxing

This was a spiders web beside our decking covered in raindrops. I thought it looked cool so I took a picture.

I only work part-time, so come 2pm I am finished and ready to come home. Yesterday was a horrible day - stormy, rainy and windy and really miserable. One of my workmates suggested I just go home have my lunch and put the telly on. And just relax.  Sounded good to me.  
So on my way home I stopped at the shop and bought a can of minestroni soup (one of my favourite comfort foods) and a bag of maltesers (another of those comfort food things).  I got home, put my soup on, changed out of my uniform and had my lunch. Then I put the telly on - I don't usually do that during the day - and watched Cold Case. At the same time I plugged in my wee laptop and caught up with some blogs. And don't forget those maltesers - I didn't, they just hit the spot.  Talk about lazy and greedy!!
Anyway, I got so caught up in relaxing (read being lazy) that I forgot to organise something for the dinner. So I had to rush to town and buy some chicken and cook something for the meal. That will teach me to relax when I get home from work!!
There is a moral somewhere in that story I think. 


TexWisGirl said…
yeah, the moral is to let hubby fend for himself once in a while so you can continue to relax! :)
Debbie said…
i rarely cook, i think it is very overrated. the nest is empty and we eat out a lot. we "schedule it", around our "errands"...& i love it!
Jill said…
LOL! I agree with TexWisGirl. 2 cans of soup. Lunch and supper covered! ;)
Rose said…
I like that shot...didn't know what it was till you told me...I bet it would be fun to work with in photoshop.

Yeah, the moral of the story was to pick up something for your hubby till you wouldn't have to cook and neither would her. haha
Annabella said…
Sounds like you treated yourself and that`s a good thing!
Anonymous said…
I like the raindrops-in-the-web shot!

Good for you! Nothing wrong with relaxing every now and then!
geetlee said…
haha... isn't it a pain to cook dinner. I think so! Especially after a long day and especially when it's a rainy day and you're nice and comfortable at home. I agree with Texwise girl :)
I love the spider web and the raindrops. It's a gorgeous combination!
Sush said…
Wow on that photo! And the moral might be you need to finesse the art of relaxing a bit more...then you'll be planning dinner before the relaxing. I'm all for the theory, 'Practice makes Perfect'!

Mira said…
one needs to lazy, very lazy, from time to time! you did a good job and do it again sometime soon! ;)
Love this photo, it is gorgeous. Mmmmmmm maltesers, just could eat them for ever!!! Diane

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