By the garden gate

I found yet another stray flower, by my garden gate this time. I've got not idea what it is but it is rather lovely. So I got down on my hands and knees and took some pictures - as you do!  I couldn't pick my favourite shot as I quite liked them all (blush). I think the close up shots look rather cool - but maybe that's because it is quite late and I'm tired after a long week - who knows!! Anyway I hope you like them too.

Have a great weekend everybody!


TexWisGirl said…
i like them all too! the first one is nice and crisp. the second, is great. the 3rd is less clear but more 'dreamy' and ethereal. :) really nicely done!
Debbie said…
i really love them all. so many beautiful details!!!
Anonymous said…
Beautiful! Maybe some sort of primrose?
deb duty said…
These are so pretty! Such a lovely shade of yellow.
Rose said…
I like them, too!
geetlee said…
beautiful! I love the close ups.
Have a great weekend Ellie :)
What a stunning colour, there are so many beautiful wild flowers around if you look. Great photos. Diane
Is it a poppy Ellie?

Looks so pretty and fresh.

Your photos are lovely.

Happy weekend.
Sush said…
Ellie, every time I see your marvelous photos I tell myself I need to take my camera and go in search of some lovely photos. Life interrupts. I am going to do this soon. Thanks for some Saturday delights!
Eileen said…
Yet again, a lovely set of photographs. I particularly like the last one. Thanks for sharing this with us.
Mira said…
what a beautiful yellow post! Love it!
Michele said…
Beautiful flower!
Sara said…
Love these Ellie, great detail and colour! I just realised I wasn't following you, so I fixed that! :-)

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