Horizontal Rain

I'm linking once again with Lisa at Lisa Gordon Photography

Karen and I went out bramble picking yesterday. It was quite grey  when we left but thought it would be ok. Wrong - we were half way around our journey (walking) the heavens opened. We got soaked and I mean soaked. Yukk!!  We did get lots of brambles though.
Anyway, this picture is of the rain, the light in the distance is actually the rain - it was just about horiontal. At least it wasn't too cold though.


Kim, USA said…
It is raining here now and I like your photos.

Creative Exchange
Anna said…
Despite getting soaked, you got a lovely image out of your walk!
Henrietta said…
Beautiful rain picture. I never take pictures in the rain but after seeing this I think I should:)
deb duty said…
This is beautiful. It was worth getting soaked!
Jill said…
Wonderful photo!
I hate being caught unexpectedly in the rain, even worse though when it is really cold!!! Great photo. Diane
Annabella said…
Great photo Ellie - I love horizontal rain and well, rain of any kind...I think I`m living in the wrong place!
A lovely photo Ellie. I don't like rain, but yours looks great!

Happy Monday x
TexWisGirl said…
i'm assuming bramble picking is berry picking. :)
Leontien said…
NO shame in linking up with Lisa! And beautiful picture!

The soaking part i could do without.. hehe

Hi Ellie! Thank you for stopping by my blog! It is so nice to "meet" you! I must tell you right off that visiting Scotland is one of my dreams! I honestly can't wait to do it. What an enchanting country you live in and a charming accent you all have! That said, let me say how beautiful your rain image is! It is light a painting...and that "light" is so pretty...and that bit of autumn color there as well just pushes this over the top for me! I happen to be one of those people who LOVE the rain!
Connie Smiley said…
Nice to see this without getting soaked like you did. The grass leading into the distance is so inviting.
Sheila said…
I love this picture , wow the rain was really coming down ,it is a very captivating picture , draws you right in.
lisa said…
I am sorry you got soaked, but this sure is a wonderful photograph!

Thank you so much for sharing with us at The Creative Exchange today.

Have a wonderful evening!

Pat MacKenzie said…
A lovely rainy day picture - not at all dreary. Whenever I've heard the term brambles before I always thought it referred to thorny bushes. Couldn't figure out why you'd want to pick them.
missing moments said…
this picture is so awesome! So worth getting soaked for it.
Beautiful, dreamy photo.
Rose said…
I really like this shot!
Hilda R.B said…
Beautiful photo. Great job!
Pat said…
The rain gives a lovely softness to the image!
Anonymous said…
cool shot from the shade & I like the hint of a path in the foreground
ShonEjai said…
Beautiful photo!

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