Looking to the future

Bluebell  - isn't this a pretty wee flower

Emma's school gave the final year pupils two days off to visit local universities. So she went along with a few of her friends into Glasgow  this week to visit on the Open Days.  We still have a few to visit but I think she has decided which one she would like to attend and also what kind of subject to study. She is very excited about it, and raring to go.

Ever since Emma was about five years old she has had numerous ideas of what she wanted to be when she grew up. Her first ideas were things like a cowgirl and a gardiner - she used to watch gardening programs on the telly and got totally engrossed in them. Then when she was a bit older it was a dolphin handler and a vet etc.  She loves drama, sings and plays the guitar so that featured quite heavily as well.  Now though my little dreamer has a more sensible head on her shoulders and is thinking more along the lines of business management.  I'm sure she will do well in whatever she finally decides to do. 

Another thing she has been thinking about is leaving home and moving into the halls of residence when she goes to University. Now remember this is my baby I'm talking about (lol, she hates when I call her that) and I don't really want to think about any of my girls moving out although I know it is inevitable and will happen sooner rather than later. 

Anyway I've got a year before all of this actually happens so I'm going to bury my head in the sand until then and enjoy the girls while they are all at home.


Jill said…
This is such a bittersweet time, isn't it? While I will have my daughter home for many more years, it's still hard to swallow the fact that she too is a Senior.

I hope this is a wonderful year for your Dear Emma as well as for you!
Debbie said…
loving and letting go!! i will say that emptying the nest is not all that bad!!
Sush said…
Oh a very exciting time ahead...and remember this...they come back, often two by two and then some! It is always a magical ride!

TexWisGirl said…
awww. she wants to stretch her wings... :)
Rose said…
Beautiful photo, and yes, just bury your head and totally enjoy the last year.
deb duty said…
Lovely photo, Ellie! I'm trying to not even think about when my boys move away. Although there's a really good chance they will go to the local college (LSU) and live at home. And that will be fine with me.
Lasse said…
OK - I agree, it´s a lovely photo of a beautiful flower; ...and enjoy the last year. Seems like an creative daughter you´ve got. And you are very wise to let her stretch the wings..!
geetlee said…
Raindrops on bluebells look so pretty!
:) Emma is stretching her wings and getting ready to fly. I wish her all the best.
Know what, since you're mom to two girls you don't have to worry much, even when they leave, they will always be in touch and communicate and keep you as an important part of their lives. I've moved countries but am still very close to my mom :) the bond has grown deeper over the years despite distance.
I know exactly how you feel Ellie.

My son (21) is at uni and as this is his final year thinks it would be best to stay closer to college and less commuting
my heart will be broken :(

Us poor mums!
Sheila said…
I have three sons who are now grown and on their own but I know your feelings it is tough to think about that empty nest but at the same time we want them to spread their wings and do things in life .
Marsha Young said…
Cowgirls and gardeners - sounds like a good combination to me. :)

blessings to you and your "baby" girl. ...Marsha
Pat MacKenzie said…
It's an exciting time when kids leave for college and start making their own way in life. I trust she'll have a fun and successful senior year at home.
leavesnbloom said…
I've only had one leave home so far and it was so tearful the night we left him at the halls in Edinburgh - He loved being away from home and fitted into uni life so well.

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