My Extraction

Friendly Caterpillar
I found this wee guy in the garden - just relaxing in the sun - sounds good to me. After what I went through today that's what I should be doing.

Let me explain. Today I went to the dentist - to have an extraction. That's right an EXTRACTION!!  Now bearing in mind I have a fairly big fear of going to the dentist this was a real trial for me.  I haven't had a tooth out since I was 14 (I'm 50 now) so a long time ago lol.  My wisdom tooth had an infected root and it really had to come out. Now I know what you are thinking - that girl needs all the wisdom she can get, and I probably would agree with you lol.

I was in a right old state by the time I was sitting in 'the chair'. However my dentist is a lovely guy and really tried to put me at ease - no easy task for the poor chap. He explained everything that was going to happen and what he was going to do.  Anyway with a few pulls, tugs (and whimpers) out it came. I am such a baby!

I wonder if the tooth fairy will come tonight!!:))


Jill said…
I sure hope the tooth fairy comes to you tonight. You deserve it! Take good care. *HUGS*
TexWisGirl said…
oh that hubby better be nice to you today and let the tooth fairy into your home tonight!
I have had 3 zapped out in the past two years and I have to admit the dentist has never worried me. That was until a female dentist here in France 'sorted' out an emergency for me. I have never had such pain and she would not give me an injection. I never have one normally for a filling but this was exceptional. Guess what I will never be seeing her again!!!!
Sure you will be fine tomorrow :-)) Diane
Debbie said…
i hear kids are getting 20 bucks per tooth theses days!!

def worth slippin it under the pillow!! ;)
Flora said…
Let us know if the 'fairy' comes!
I've had my wisdom teeth cut out - not fun at all, so I sympathize with you!

Hope the tooth fairy leaves you a nice gift tonight! :)
missing moments said…
I had all 4 wisdom teeth pulled at once .. had 5 shots of novacane adn they hurt worse than the pulling! Hope you will feel better now and the tooth fairy leaves you a very good gift!
Sush said…
Oh I had that experience about a year or so ago. Not fun. Sending lots of healing thoughts your way. I was just a puddle of nerves....

geetlee said…
I hope you had an easy night! Tooth aches are a pain!!
Eileen said…
Poor you. Hugs from Wiltshire. Hope you feel better soon.
Hope the tooth fairy came!
I had a tooth extracted a couple of months ago - but was put to sleep to have it done. Next month, I'm facing having an implant, but I'll be put to sleep for that too. I am such a wimp when it comes to dental work!
Hope you haven't had any pain.
lisa said…
You are too funny my friend, and I am glad it's over for you! Thank you for a wonderful early morning smile, and I hope the tooth fairy is VERY good to you!
Sheila said…
Oh your poor soul, I hate going to the dentist just for a cleaning so an extraction would be horrible .Hope that tooth fairy was good to you ;-)
Karen said…
Oh ick. I hate going to the dentist! I hope you got a nice big fat sum from the tooth fairy!
Buttons said…
Oh Ellie I feel the same way I am not a big fan of the dentist. Lucky me never had wisdom teeth none of may family has. I am from a family of 10 no wisdom here I guess :) B
Rose said…
I hate going to the matter how many times I have had to go...nothing makes it easier.

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