The Power Of The Sea

We are being hit by the tail end of hurricane Katia here on the  west coast which is resulting in very stormy conditions.


 Our normally calm beach front is rather wild at the moment.  I took my life in my hands (only joking - I'm no fool) and went out this morning to shoot these pictures.  I think there is something quite thrilling about the power of the sea.

By the time I got home I was soaked, windswept and cold. But I really enjoyed it I found it very invigorating. 


TexWisGirl said…
WOW! it amazes me that these hurricanes can wreak havoc along one coast, then spin all the way across the ocean to do it again! :)
We are having the tailend of Katia here today,
not nice,
wild winds and heavy showers + power cuts across Ireland.

Fingers crossed that we won't get the snow predicted for October!!!

Take care
Pat MacKenzie said…
I love the ocean too, in all it's moods, and miss it since we moved to Alberta from Nova Scotia. Your photos are great - you really captured the force of the storm.
Jill said…
Your pictures are amazing! I'm so glad you're OK!
Debbie said…
well worth it i would say but i am a real adventure seeker!! really, i am ;)!!
Anonymous said…
Those are amazing photos!! (Once again, I'm forwarding them to my son. I should just have him sign up for your blog!)
I find it odd that you're writing about a Scotland! Amazing.
deb duty said…
Oh wow! Those are some fabulous captures of the huge waves. Our world is an amazing place.
I am glad that you are only getting the tail end of it!!! Diane
geetlee said…
wow! these are some great shots! Good on you for braving the weather to get these.
Take care and stay warm :)
Flora said…
The power behind those waves! The pictures are wonderful and I am sure it was great to be out there in the 'storm'!

Thanks for visiting and I am sure I will enjoy your blog!!
missing moments said…
These are awesome pics!. I love the power of the sea and its beauty, even when it is angry.
Rose said…
Oh, wow, I didn't know I had missed this...these are great photos. I feel invigorated just looking at them.
Sara said…
Crazy weather, amazing waves, hope your camera didn't get wet! Hope your daughter has a great trip for her hockey, sounds like lots of fun!

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