Scottish Windfest

This weekend our town hosted an event called "Scottish Windfest". This is a grassroots show for windsurfing, kite-surfing and a host of other water sports for all ages.  It was very well attended and actually quite exciting to watch.
I went down today to have a look with my trusted wee point and shoot camera.  I took quite a lot of pictures but I'll not post them all here - is that a sigh of relief  I can hear. Mmmm.
I'll tell you what though you would have to be very fit to do that wind-surfing, those kites are huge.  If I was 20 - no make that 30 - years younger I might have been tempted. Ha - who am I kidding I could never have done that, ever.  Anyway on to the pictures.

  Look at that sky - and it didn't rain.

 Even the pets joined in.

 Photograpers were everywhere.


 Hope that wasn't too many pictures for you!!


Lovely photos Ellie,
That sky looks pretty grey, a bit like the sky we had here today.

Lots of photographers there too and the kites look great.
Hope that you enjoyed it all.

Have a good week
Jill said…
Wonderful photos and no, Nellie, not to many at all. I really enjoyed them all!
TexWisGirl said…
that looks really cool! the strength you'd have to have for that sport (and the guts!)
Debbie said…
no ellie, def not too many, this was a good varity!! lot's like a fun day and that sky, pretty impressive!!
Sheila said…
Definitely not too many pictures I enjoyed each and every one ,amazing event and I would never try it either but it sure is interesting to watch . The sky was also amazing , love those kind of skies .
orchid said…
Dear Ellie,
What a splendid event "Scottish Windfest".
My husband and I both enjoyed your wonderful pictures so much♫♫♫
Oh, "kite-surfing" I've never heard of it. Thank you very much for sharing these pictures.
You sure are a wonderful photographer, aren't you♡♡♡
Your new friend, Love and Hugs, xoxo Orchid
Rose said…
Oh, I do bet that was fun to see...
Buttons said…
Incredible I would have loved to have seen that. B
Flora said…
Wonderful pictures! Look like fun!!
geetlee said…
I wish I had the guts to learn how to surf! It looks so much fun and so dangerous! These are some beautiful shots here, I love the one of the dark cloudy sky!
Anonymous said…
I'm a windsurfer, I was there and I am not young by any means... ANYBODY and any age can have a shot, dont let those amazing guys put you off...check out Clyde windsurfing club in lochwinnoch to get you started... Post more pics, all are wlcome, when you are in the water you can not take pics///Thanks
deb duty said…
You captured some beautiful shots! I wouldn't join in either although it would be so much fun to watch. I love the shot of the photographers too. Their lenses are amazing.
Dianna said…
No, I would never attempt that either. But it makes for beautiful pictures! Wow - that was a dark sky: glad it didn't rain on the festivities!
Pat MacKenzie said…
That looks like an exciting event. The water sure was choppy and cold looking. Nice pictures.
Sara said…
What an awesome event to photograph, love the shot of the windsurfers and the kite-surfers, so cool, love the action going on!

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