Dinner And It's A Success

Emma is away to Boston tomorrow so I asked her what she would like for her dinner tonight and she chose Chicken Stir Fry and Apple Crumble. Now we all know what happened the last time I made apple crumble!!!! If you don't know just read the post from a couple of days ago.

So to keep me on the right lines I thought I would take a picture of the apples and the CINNAMON just to make sure. So here you are

And guess what - I did it and it was GOOD.  Even Emma said so!!!! I also did a picture of the finished dish.

And just so you know here is a picture of our Chicken Stir Fry.  Hopefully I've not put you off food for life.


PS - I don't usually take picture of meals that I make - thank goodness 'cause they're not very good, the pictures I mean


TexWisGirl said…
well, i'm glad this meal was a success with no surprises! :)
Debbie said…
i like the pictures, the stir-fry looks good and the crumble looks better. how about sharing the recipe??
Jill said…
You've got me drooling!
Karen said…
Yummers! I'll have a serve of each please!
lisa said…
So glad the apple crumble was a success Ellie!!! :-). :-).
It is one of my favorite desserts at this time of year.
Rose said…
Both look delicious...I could eat some of each about now!
Liesl said…
Hi Ellie,blogging makes you take pictures of stranger things than food!! That stir fry and pie looks great!
Pat MacKenzie said…
Looks good. I like food pictures and yours look great. Did you put cumin in the stir fry ;)
geetlee said…
yummyyy!! You must share your recipe for the crumble with us Ellie. It looks divine.
And the chicken stir fry has gotten my hungry again, even though I just had my dinner! :)
Eileen said…
It looks yummy, Ellie. We definitely need the recipe for the chicken stir fry, please.

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