Ayrshire Coastline

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I like the zigzag pattern here.

I thought I would post some pictures of the lovely Ayrshire coastline. I have to admit on a good day it is lovely here. I liked the different shades of green, blue and brown. My pictures probably don't do it justice, but hopefully you get the idea.

On a different note - Dan (hubby) was reading my blog last night and he said in a miffed voice "You haven't told anybody that we have a fully functioning flushing toilet". And he is right I failed to mention it. 
So, I'm sorry Dan all your hard work is fully appreciated by everyone in this household (as is the flushing toilet).  Phew, hopefully that will get me off the hook. Do you think?


TexWisGirl said…
LOL! Yay, Dan! :)

and the coast is really beautiful!
Eileen said…
I'm glad you updated us on the toilet situation - don't have to worry about you anymore now!! Your photos are lovely, you have a good eye for composition.
Leontien said…
haha i think this will do... or maybe not and you should post a picture of that lovely toilet!



Thanks for all the hugs!
Sush said…
Oh yay...I'm hoping my honey doer will put new innards in ours this weekend. Well one of the three. They all need attention but this is the one most lacking! If he doesn't how would you and Dan like a trip...???

Hugs and congrats on the royal flush~
Rose said…
I was wondering about that myself...the toilet that is.

Now to your photos...in the first photo do you know what it is that has died down. It looks like something has been planted in rows so I just wondered. I love seeing your countryside...I used to visit a blogger from over there that always showed such beautiful scenery then his health prevented him from being out and about.
Henrietta said…
Toilet things are so important and when it is working we all should be thankful of it:)
The coastline looks really beautiful and hope to see one day it with my own eyes.
Have a great weekend
Pat MacKenzie said…
Beautiful pictures - I enlarged each of them so I could study them better. And yes, do post a picture of the flushing biffy.
Michele said…
Wow, what a breathtaking view!
Anonymous said…
Love the photos. (You're trying your best to lure me to Scotland, aren't you??) ;)

Congrats to Dan on the functioning toilet. SO important!
geetlee said…
Haha... put up pics once the house is finally remodeled... i think that will finally get you off the hook :)
Scotland is beautiful! My sister was there last week - she had only great things to say!
I really hope I can visit someday :)
Sara said…
Beautiful Ellie, and yay on the flushing toilet!

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