Fishing Village Part 2

Well, here at last as promised more pictures from the Fishing Village.  I was going to post these last night but to my surprise I was given an award from a fellow blogger and I was so excited about it that I really had to post about that first. The problem is I am a bit slow at picking things up, so learning how to do links was a bit of a challenge for me,  but with a bit of deleting and trying again I managed Lol. It took me quite a while though. Have I said lately that I love blogging and my fellow bloggers, because I do.

Anyway I'll post these pictures now - I just know you have been waiting with bated breath!!  I don't know who these people are but I think they made the photo complete.

We sat on this bench and ate ice-cream while looking out to sea. Lovely and peaceful (and the ice-cream was good too).

So that was that - my day out!  It was fun. It was a lovely morning but  when we were driving home the sky turned quite grey.  I took this picture as we were driving home - Dan was driving not me!! Amazing how quickly the weather can change.

Isn't that sky awesome. Have a great day!!


You had blue skies!!!!

Lucky lucky you!

~Great photos Ellie.
I would love to have one of those white houses as my summer res, could just see me living there with my potted plants and taking a walk to the beach every day and eating
lots of fresh fish and...............

Mira said…
I love that second photo. I wish I could go there and just sit on that beach. and maybe paint. LOL
Saun said…
It is amazing how quick the weather changes. Great series of photos! Happy Sky watching.
TexWisGirl said…
it is beautiful. the beach scenes, the skies. :)
Anonymous said…
Beautiful photos!And yes, it appears that the weather changed quickly.
Hope I'm not showing my "ignorance", but in the first photo and second to the last one, what is that in the distance?
Anonymous said…
Thanks, Ellie. I'll let my son know about that: he'll look it up on Google Earth. I sent him the link to your blog where you posted the picture of the Castle ruins.
Pat MacKenzie said…
Hi Ellie, thanks for visiting my blog. I've just skimmed through yours and think I'll be visiting more often. I love that you have ancient ruins to photograph. Scotland has always been one of my dream destinations (with a name like Pat MacKenzie how can it not be!) so I'll visit it through your blog.
Lovely photos, it looks like you had a great day out. Diane
Rose said…
I do like these, the last one is fabulous. And I was waiting to see the rest.
geetlee said…
Such beautiful photos :)
Love the one of the castle (the second one, is it a castle?)
Nothing like the blue ocean and blue skies. It's a pleasure to photograph :)
Happy happy weekend Ellie
Sara said…
These are beautiful too, Ellie! looks like a great place to explore with your camera, love the castle ruins, and the one with the island in the distance, 2nd last.
I looked up the meaning of Liebster on google and didn't get a really clear answer, seems like there isn't a direct translation, but they were the variations I found.

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