Bathroom Re-do

So, I thought I would stay with showing you pictures of my bathroom redo. Hope that's ok!!!

 So here is my lovely sink.  At the moment it is sitting in my living room, I have a red suite and carpet so that is why there is a red tinge to the picture.

 These are my lovely taps for the sink. I just love them. I think they are a bit victorian looking.

And, a token close up shot. 

So what do you think - do you like it?  I can't wait for  everything to be in place so that I can see the end product.


Eileen said…
I love your new sink. It's just the style I like. Will we get to see photos of the finished bathroom?
Ellie said…
Eileen - It may be some time yet, but I will try. It's a very small bathroom though!!
Rose said…
I do like it--it is slightly similar to what I have.
geetlee said…
I love the taps!
Trust me once everything is done, you will be so glad that you stuck it out and tolerated the work in progress :)
I can't wait to see pics of the new bathroom :)
Yaaayyy, almost there!
Anonymous said…
This is very pretty! I know you can't wait for the work to be completed. It will be worth the wait!

(Sorry not to have been visiting lately. I think we're finally recovered from the storm, and I can spend more time catching up on my blogs!)
TexWisGirl said…
my hope for you is it'll be usable soon!
Jill said…
Love the taps!
deb duty said…
I looks great! I love the faucets. So exciting to get a new bathroom!
Michele said…
I love the taps too! In my bathroom I have shower curtin hooks that say hot cold like your taps and I love them!
Sush said…
Ellie...I know what you mean about it may be some time yet. When we are 'do it yourselfers' with lives that interrupt it can be daunting and takes forever! But I love a challenge and to be able to say 'Thanks we did it ourselves'! Hope you get yours done in record time!


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