Snowdrops in August!

 Now, you're probably thinking she didn't take these recently, and you'd be right.  I took these in the Spring. Snowdrops, don't you just love them?  These were taken in place called Fullarton Woods which is in our town. I really like to take pictures here, there are lots of lovely trees and usually some kind of wild flowers.If you click on the pictures they enlarge - I just found that out.

Well, I was back at work today. It feels as if I was never on holiday - amazing how quickly that happens! 
It's August 1st today. Don't know where the time is going.  August is always a very expensive month for us, I've got 6 birthdays in the space of 10 days and Emma is going to need a new school uniform.  Emma is also awaiting exam results from school - nervously.  They should come through this thursday. Watch this space!


Debbie said…
lovely shots and spring, i could use a little of that!!!
TexWisGirl said…
oh, spring flowers look heavenly. thanks for the break from late summer heat! :)
Sara said…
These are so lovely, I can really see why you'd love to take photos here!
Wow there are a lot of snowdrops there, great photos. Diane
Sara said…
Thanks for the visit and messages Ellie! I think you'd love macro, the extension tube is great for flowers, not so easy to use with insects/ butterflies because it's hard to get close enough to focus without scaring them away. I'd still love to get a real macro lens but it's too expensive for us.
Hope you have a great birthday!!
Those snowdrops are just stunning. Happy birthdays all around :)
Rose said…
Oh, wow, I like both of these, but specially the bottom photo.

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