Fishing Village part 1

When I said I would sort through some of my pictures from the fishing village we visited on Monday I didn't realise I had taken so many. So here are a few - if you are very lucky I may post some more tomorrow.  Did I hear a groan there? Lol. Well even if there was a groan - I'm posting them anyway.

 It is a just a wee village and was quite quiet so it was nice and peaceful to walk around. The scenery from there is lovely. I think my camera went a bit mad.

Lots of little boats in the harbour.

There is even a ruin up on the hill. This was a castle which origins date back to the 1200's, It has been a ruin for 300 years. One of its visitors included Mary Queen of Scots who visited it in 1563 as she was on her Royal tour. Hey, a wee bit of history for you as well. Bet you weren't expecting that.  
I would like to go back and take more pictures of the castle, we only had the morning as Dan had to get back to continue work on our bathroom. And, of course,  I had a date to go and get some cocktails.
I failed to mention in my last post what my lovely girls got for my birthday. Karen and Laura got me a full kit to make jam. I've never done that before and now I've got no excuse. So watch this space!!  Emma bought me several items including some lovely lillies, which I have been taking pictures of - nothing is safe from my camera. 


TexWisGirl said…
oh, ellie! these are lovely!!! spectacular color and light! i'd love to see more!
I love your photos Ellie

Rose said…
No groan from this corner...only a call for more. Love the second and third shot especially...but enjoy seeing any you want to post from your part of the world!
geetlee said…
little boats in the harbour brings out the creative genius in me too :)
Can't wait to hear jam-making experiences. It'll be so much fun to photograph too!
Sara said…
Great shots, looks like a wonderful spot! Love the shot from behind the grasses.
Happy Birthday!! Jam, yum, homemade jam is so good!
Tara said…
Love the first two shots, gorgeous!
Karen said…
What a picturesque place!
Rosie said…
These are wonderful, Ellie! I love the colours and the light! And such fantastic views!
Lesley said…
A favourite spot of mine too! Your shots are great.
Good luck with the jam!
Hi Ellie,

I have a little award for you - will post about it later this morning!

Anonymous said…
Just beautiful! I forwarded the link to my son, so he could see the ruins of the castle. If I'm ever brave enough to fly across the Atlantic, it will be to visit Scotland!
Kerri said…
Looks like a lovely place!!
deb duty said…
You live in such a beautiful place and your photos are stunning. Can't wait to see more! Loved the bit a history too!

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