I love to read.

Blowing in the wind.   

I don't know if  I have mentioned before but I  really enjoy  reading .  I have a kindle -  which I love - I got it for my Christmas from hubby.  When he tried to get it they had run out in every shop he tried. I think it was classed as the most popular Christmas gift last year. Anyway he gave me a voucher so I could get it once it was back in stock. I have gone through quite a few good books on it and at the moment am reading Kane and Abel by Jeffrey Archer. I know it is quite an old book but it is good.

 Now the only thing wrong with a kindle is I don't like to read it in the bath - and I love to read in the bath - so I usually get a paperback to read there. That means I usually have two books on the go at the same time. I have just finished  'House Rules' by Jodi Piccoult. It was a good story but at times a bit heavy.  Because I was reading it in the bath the pages are a bit curly - ooops.

Today I was given another book from a co-worker 'Cold Blood' by Lynda La Plante. I've not read any of her books before but my workmates reckon I will love it and won't be able to put it down. I'll let you know.


Lasse said…
Oh I love to read too, so I sure understand what you mean. I allways have a book "going on".
Nice picture too - Blowing in the wind (Bob Dylan) :))
geetlee said…
Oh, I love to read as well!!! How is Jodi Picoult? I've never read her books though I know she is a popular author. I recommend Garden spells by Sarah Addison Allen. I quite loved it.
Waiting to hear reviews of Cold blood (If its a thriller, i'm sure I'll love it!!)
Marsha Young said…
Ellie - I also have a Kindle and I like it a lot. But I usually have at least one or two paper books going, too.

Just finished Fannie Flagg's I Still Dream About You. It was a fun book. Have a great weekend. ...marsha
deb duty said…
I don't read much fiction anymore, but I did read Kane and Abel years ago and I thought it was a good read.
Anonymous said…
Hi Ellie,

I would love a kindle but like you I do enjoy reading in the bath!
Maybe as Christmas is coming I should drop some hints in the house!

Will be interested to hear how your book goes.
I love a bit of gore.

Have you read "The Missing" by Jane Casey, it is a great read. You should try and get a copy.
I loved it.

Happy Weekend.

Annabella said…
I've have just resolved my Kindle dilemma - to Kindle or not to Kindle. I have decided to go for it...I love the feel of books but you can't buy them here and they are heavy to carry back with the mean baggage allowance you get these days. I think I'm going to LOVE it!
Leontien said…
I still love my paperbacks and "normal" books... I just am not quite ready for a electronic device. although i love my blackberry!

And yes Jodi is heavy but GOOD!

Have fun reading and thank you for your sweet comments last Monday!
I read on my iPad and I just LOVE it (bought in the US - much cheaper). The bath - that is a dilemma. I think I'd catch up on magazines.
Anonymous said…
I found your blog through Rose's blog. I love to read too and have been thinking about getting a Nook which is like a Kindle. We've been trying the Nook and Kindle readers on the computer and are building up a library of free books for when we get one. I never thought I would want to give up holding real books, but I can see benefits for both at different times. I often read more than one book at a time :-) I'm sorry to sign in as anonymous, but I have trouble with this type of comment form. I can't use them with my usual sign in. Mary
Rose said…
I love to read, too, and feel naked if I don't have a book I to read. I read a variety of things...right now mysteries seem to hold my attention best.
Sara said…
A good book is always wonderful, unfortunately I never seem to have the time. But I love to read, lately it's been photography books whenever I have a chance.
Gorgeous photo Ellie, and your watch is just beautiful, what a lovely present.
Sorry I haven't had a chance to do the blog post yet, I'm so far behind and it's been a busy week. I hope to have some time to do it though. Thank you so much for the nomination.

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