Work and Play

Here he is, my man at work.  He is putting a new bathroom in, such a lot of hard work and it's never ending!!!!  Here he is building a new cabinet for my sink to go into. He is a clever guy


Karen and I had some fun with the garden hose. Can you see the rainbow in the top picture, we thought it was really cool. What is it about playing with water that brings out the inner child in you? We were just having fun, what more can you ask for.


A new bathroom will be good, you are lucky that you do not have to pay an artisan at ridiculous prices. Love your little rainbow :-) Diane
Jill said…
Wonderful little rainbow! I do love each of the photos of water. I just love water!
Sweet Tea said…
Great photos!
Nothing I like better than a photo of a "workin' man"!! LOL
Eileen said…
A new bathroom - lucky you. I'm still waiting for mine, and a new kitchen, and ... still enough about me!! Love your photos.
TexWisGirl said…
i think you were having more fun than your husband was! God bless him! :)
Debbie said…
playing with water is a lot more fun then building a bathroom!!

hope it's done soon!!!!
Rose said…
We are lucky to have men that can do things and not have to depend on someone else.
Sush said…
Oh I am blessed with a 'man about the house' that loves to have a project going! Isn't it grand? I'm going to put some pics of him hard at work very soon...thanks for the reminder!

I hope the water wasn't coming out of a broken tap! :) A new bathroom - how fun. And how talented your hubby must be! XoL

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