I Got An Award!!!

Imagine the surprise this morning when I received a message saying I was being awarded the Lieber Blog award.    I received this award from Fiona at  raindropsanddaisys.blogspot.com 

Fiona is from Ireland and is a new blogger who I have just met and really enjoy conversing with.  You should go and visit her blog it's a worthwhile read.

The Liebster Award is meant to connect us even more and spotlight new bloggers who have less than 200 followers.
Every blogging award usually is accompanied by a set of rules. 
This award is no different...it has five rules.

1.  Show your thanks to the blogger who gave you the award by linking back to them.
2.  Reveal your top 5 picks and let them know by leaving a comment on their blog.

3.  Post the award on your blog.

4.  Bask in the love from the most supportive people on the Internet - other writers. 

5.  And best of all - have fun and spread the karma!

So my 5 choices are:

1. Geetle.blogspot.com -
2. itsallaboutpurpleebbie.blogspot.com
3. michelesanteephotography.blogspot.com
5. www.thesedaysofmine.com

So go on and visit these blogs - you won't be disappointed.  Enjoy!!



Anonymous said…
Congrats on your award, Ellie! And thanks for passing it on to me. I'm not familiar with this one, so it's exciting to receive it! I'll begin work on my "acceptance post", and will visit your other choices. It's All About Purple is already on my reading list! Thanks again...
TexWisGirl said…
congratulations, ellie!

i already adore rose, debbie and dianna so you picked 3 wonderful women there. and i am glad you are one of my blogger pals! :)
Barb and Dell said…
Hi Ellie, Thanks for stopping my our blog and the nice comment on the sunflowers. Congratulations on being one of the winners of the Liebster Blog Award. I have to get busy and visit the other winners and pass on the award.
Sara said…
Congratulations Ellie!! :-)
Good luck with the bellows, I don't have a macro lens for the same reason, too expensive, I use an extension tube.
Leontien said…
Congrats! and ok i'm going over to check those lovely ladies (i think they are ladies anyway) out! And your very welcome on the Birthday wishes and thank you for your sweet words on my Monday's blog post!

geetlee said…
Many many thanks Ellie :) This is so much fun!!!!
Rose said…
Ellie...I got my post ready and posted it earlier...just now thought of this. I guess I am just too tired to think.

Thank you for this award...I am really enjoying yours and so glad you commented on mine.
Mira said…
...spread the karma! I love that! Congrats, Ellie! :)
Eileen said…
Hi Ellie, I've arrived via Fiona at Raindrops and Daisies. Thanks for following my blog and I am now following you. Looking forward to getting to know you.
Michele said…
congrats and thank you so much ;]
Debbie said…
congrats to you ellie, you have a wonderful blog!!

thank you so very much, i am beyond thrilled!!

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