Evening Stroll

 I took a walk along the beach tonight. There was quite a wind blowing and not a lot of people about. Just how I like it especially when I am trying to take pictures.  Does anybody else feel quite self conscious when taking pictures or is it just me! 

I took some pictures of the waves beating against the rocks, I love the sound of the water - something very soothing about it. They are not great pictures but I'll save them for another post.


I also took pictures of some plant life. It's amazing how close in you can get. I love the purple head of a Scottish thistle; although it's not the normal angle you see thistles shown from.  

I also found a dandelion - well I think it's a dandelion but I'm no expert. Lol.
I love the way the head is all twisted in this shot. And of course the whispy dandelion head. We called these fairies when we were kids and used to blow and make a wish on them.   I wonder how many of those wishes came true!!

My husband has just read my blog and said he doesn't think these are dandelions but can't tell me what they are. He is clever isn't he!!


TexWisGirl said…
LOL! quite the big help, isn't he?! like most men...
Sara said…
Love your thistle shot!
It's funny in this day when everyone whips out a cellphone and starts taking pictures but if you have a big SLR people really notice. I try to just ignore them, I think they are usually just interested in what you're doing!
Thank you for visiting, you asked about the quotes, I usually just do a google search for them. Put in the topic and quotes and it comes up with several pages. There are sites with just lists of quotes on different topics.
Debbie said…
men are the only ones who think they know things, we know better.

i love the thistle, you had me at purple!!!
Leontien said…
hee lady!

It is lovely to see your pictures but i had a hard time reading! ;-) funny how blogger sometimes messes with your posts! ;-)

I feel self conscious aswell especially now that I've a bigger camera........but I'm trying just to ignore the looks.

I think I know what your yellow flower is as I sometimes write about wildflowers on the East Coast of Scotland. It's Hawkweed

Kerri said…
Beautiful flowers!!
geetlee said…
Hi Ellie,
The thistle shot is great. I never knew it was called the thistle till I read this (says a lot about my flower knowledge ;)) But I've always admired it when we go on treks, love that purple.
Last weekend when we were out to lunch, I was taking shots of my drink. There were two men sitting in the adjacent table and pretty close (little space so everything was cramped). They kept looking at me like I was loony, i mean who takes shots of cola? :) I did get a bit self conscious.
Rose said…
Yes, I do feel self conscious...and very self conscious about taking photos of people other than my granddaughter.
Anonymous said…
I also feel conscious taking photos. But since I've been blogging, I try to put that feeling aside. Anything to get a good shot!
That second plant isn't like the dandelions we have. But it's beautiful!

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