Our Beach!



Today Emma and I took a walk on the beach. Not a lovely sunny day but quite grey, drizzly and a bit cold. But you know what, I enjoyed it!  It was nice and fresh and smelled clean - if you know what I mean.  I took a few pictures for you to see. I don't know who the people are in the last shot - but I thought it made a nice picture.

I don't know if you will get the full effect - but this is the state of my shoes and jeans after our walk. Very wet and sandy. Yuk!!

Well, it's Monday again tomorrow - how quickly the weekend goes by!!


TexWisGirl said…
what great shots! love the steps and grasses!
Fantastic post and love the two with the umbrella. Diane
Debbie said…
beautiful photo's, what a great place. i love wild flowers, no special care, no miracle grow, no special treatments....they just grow!! like little miracles!!
Annabella said…
Now that`s my kind of beach - deserted and windswept. Beautiful!
Karen said…
Hi Ellie,
I like the beach on any kind of day, rain or shine. Great shots! I'm following you now too.
Oh my! I am snooping around through your last few posts... wow do I LOVE your blog! Beautiful beautiful! Thank. You!
Monika in Canada
geetlee said…
I love all these shots, my favorite is the 4th one, stairs and pathways call out to me.
I also like the one of the owner and the pets against the backdrop of the sea. It's gorgeous.
Thanks so much for stopping by. :)
Michele said…
gorgeous photos
Henrietta said…
I would enjoy the beach like that even in winter time. It seems to long enough to have proper walk, I love it:)
Anonymous said…
Love these pictures! And the picture of the couple is sweet; love that he has his arm around here. But I like the one of the steps too. I like them all!

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