Beauty is not caused. It is.
Emily Dickinson

           This was a raindrop just about to drop.

  I have seen sooo many lovely pictures on blogs recently that I decided  to try some for myself. 
We had a really heavy downpour on wednesday and after it had finished I went for a walk in the garden -  it's only a small garden so it didn't take very long. :).  It's amazing what you can see if you look hard enough.
This is the plant we got at the weekend which smells like chocolate - well not only does it smell like chocolate but I thought it looked as if it was full of diamonds with all the shiny raindrops in it. (Mmm, I've got a good imagination haven't I?)                

This is another raindrop hanging from a leaf from and I think it looks like yet another diamond. Isn't Mother
Nature very generous giving us all these beautiful things to take pictures of .

Well, it's Friday again, have a great weekend everybody. 


TexWisGirl said…
oh, enjoyed your rain drops... sigh...
Leontien said…
oh very very nice! I enjoyed your raindrops too!!!

Great photos. A diamond tree, well we can dream I guess LOL. Diane
Kalyan said…
Simply beautifully captured shots...lovely!
Debbie said…
i adore a walk in the gardens after the rain, for many reasons. most of them are here but i also love the way my gardens smells after the rain AND that i don't have to water it, only enjoy it!!!
Sara said…
Great work, Ellie! I love that first raindrop, wonderful! Happy birthday to your hubby too!

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