Saturday Adventures

Wind turbines as far as the eye could see.

A blade from a turbine.

Well on Saturday Karen and I went to a local wind farm.  You can see it when driving to Glasgow and I was always fascinated by it. In fact you can see the wind turbines from our house - they are in the distance though. Anyway I was told by my sister that you could visit there, have a walk around and there was a coffee shop there as well.  Well that swung it for me - the thought of a coffee and cake yum.

I had thought the turbines were big but I was surprised by how big, they seemed to stretch high in the sky  - in fact you know that way when you look up at something very tall and you get that dizzy feeling well that happened to me looking up at these things. And there were so many of them, wind turbines as far as the eye could see.

We walked about 3 miles - so we got a good bit of exercise in. There was also an 8 mile walk - we decided not to do that - and there were lots of cyclists and runners there. Blimey they were keen. After our walk  we went for - yeah you guessed it coffee and cake. I had a cappuccino and a coffee and walnut cake (to die for) and Karen had an empire biscuit and a coke.

So that was our adventures on Saturday.  Next time I will tell you about my escapades with the leaking bathroom and water running down our kitchen walls. Fun!! Not much.


Anonymous said…
That sounds interesting! The sky in your pictures is amazingly beautiful. I've never been around windmills, but have seen them in a distance at times.
You deserved that coffee and cake after all the walking you did!
I think wind turbines are very atmospheric and beautiful in a kind of way...
TexWisGirl said…
what a neat place! walking, biking, running, and a coffee house! your photos of the turbines are impressive!
Debbie said…
awesome photo's....i am distracted by the gorgeous, cloudy sky!!

sounds like a cool adventure!!!!
Don't like wind turbines
they are noisy and a blot on the landscape.

Enjoyed your photos though Ellie and I hope you enjoyed your coffee.

Jill said…
Sounds and looks like a great place to go. The blades size really surprised me!
Marsha Young said…
Ellie - I have been fascinated by wind turbines from the very first time I ever saw them, over by Petaluma near San Francisco.

Great pictures.
Thank you for stopping by Spots and Wrinkles. I'll look forward to your comments. Have a great day - Marsha
Rose said…
Tjere is a stretch of these north of us about two hours and they fascinate me!
I hate the wind turbines, I think they are so ugly!! Plus noise and flashing lights. Just my opinion! Diane
Barbara said…
My son would absolutely love something like this! I love your pictures!
geetlee said…
that blade looks lethal!! :)
Anonymous said…
It would be interesting to see this up close! I've passed them before here in the states, but never been really close. Mary @ Faith, Fabric and Photos

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