Wind Surfing

Our town has two beaches - north and south beach. This is the north beach and is very popular with wind surfers. When it is windy - it is quite often windy here - the wind surfers come in there droves. There were only a few here the other day and I decided  I wanted to take some piccies.  Now, I know these aren't very good pictures - and these were the best ones (oh dear). I'm too far away but it gives you some idea of what it is like.

Might look a bit better if you click to enlarge!

They go at some speed through the water, it looks very exhilarating - not that I fancy it. In fact there was a boy just the other week who broke his leg quite badly doing this.

Talking of water and the like, we had a leaking pipe in the bathroom - you know the room we are doing up. Well, in fact there were 3 leaking pipes. I was just about to go to work on tuesday morning when I noticed the kitchen floor was very wet and then I noticed the drips from the ceiling. Yeah you guessed it - from the bathroom above. I'm afraid to say I panicked a wee bit when I checked the bathroom, under the floor boards the floor was soaking, very wet, a big puddle, you get the picture. A quick phone call to hubby at work and a few sweary words later - sorry mum! - we got the water turned off.
Or so I thought, when I came home from work water was leaking from the light in the kitchen aaaargh. I drained the tanks and that seemed to do it. The only trouble being we had no water in the house, and we couldn't flush the toilet. So we had many trips to mum and dad's to use their toilet but we managed. Dan came home from work and fixed it.  So that was the excitment in our house on tuesday.  Have I said lately that I wish the bathroom was finished - cause I really do.


Anonymous said…
Oh poor you. There's nothing worse than a malfunctioning bathroom. Good thing your Mum lives nearby.

Wind surfing looks like fun, but much too dangerous for me to try.

I'm going to try posting a anonymou this time since blogger won't let me post on your page otherwise.

Pat MacKenzie @ Pat's Ramblings
Jill said…
Bless your heart with your water troubles! I hope nothing was damaged too much.

I love your photos. Very pretty once I enlarged them. :)
Anonymous said…
I must be tired and should go to bed as
I read this as
"I wee'd a bit when I saw the bathroom !!!!!!

Your photos are lovely and I hope that you get your bathroom fixed soon Ellie!


ps I can't post as Raindrops for some reason either - think Blogger is playing up.
TexWisGirl said…
terribly sorry about the leaks! i hope your wood was not too damaged!
deb duty said…
I had never even heard of this until we went to Biloxi Beach for a weekend this summer. It's fun to watch!
Debbie said…
home improvements.....a tad overrated!!!

the pictures are nice enlarged!!!
geetlee said…
Uh oh! Quite an adventure that sounds like! Hope it's sorted now.
I really liked the second picture... I really wish I could surf too!!
Sush said…
I hate water leaks! We had a waterfall in our master bedroom that continued down the wall to the fireplace and wall in our family room. We are still repairing all the damage one and a half years later! The rooms are completed other than new carpet, but while we are remodeling we are going for the master bath. I tremble at the thought!

Oops not fun. Lucky that you have somewhere close by that you can go to...... Diane
Mira said…
that looks liek so much fun! there is a spot above our house were paragliders take off from and it's really fun to watch.
Eileen said…
Love the photos. Sorry to hear about the leak and hope it's all sorted now. With a bit of luck you'll get the rest done with no problems at all.
Rather them than me - I know how cold that water must be! One day I'll get over to the west coast again. I've just been to Oban and Fortwilliam but I want to go further north to the silver sands beaches up there.
Rose said…
I do not envy you any of this trouble...we replumbed our house a few years ago...and we put shut off valves at every thing! They just come in handy!

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