Hay Bales

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I don't know what it is about a field of hay bales that I like. But I really do. I just love to see it and it compels me to take pictures.  Does it do this to anybody else - or am 
I just really strange. Lol.
By the way, I think they might look a bit better larger, so just click on image to enlarge!

 Of course,  then I want to get all clever and try and do an arty shot - which didn't really work, it's a bit blurry. But on the positive side I tried.That's got to be good  - I think.

 And then I had to put this shot in - before hay is cut.  I quite like this shot (even though it's blurry). I like the wee cottage in the distance and all the trees around it. Kind of makes me want to live there. I think I must be a country girl at heart.


TexWisGirl said…
:) that's why i like you! :)

i LOVE hay rolls. when we get our front pasture baled, i get practically giddy because it means 'i'm a farmer'. :)
I love hay bales too Ellie.

I took photos of them this morning as I was out walking.

You did a great job taking the pics!
They are lovely.

Fiona @Raindrops & Daisies.
Debbie said…
these are awesome photo's, i too love bales of hay. for some reason they are just so interesting. the texture, the color and the perfection of the rolls!!

don't miss my barn charm on tuesday....it is mostly hay!!!
I took many pictures of hay bales last year, I was just hooked on them LOL We have good taste! Diane
Sweet Tea said…
Hi Ellie! So glad you stopped by my Blog to say Hello.
And now I've found you, way over in Scotland!
I am always drawn to photos of the land, too.
There's just something about seeing the hay all
Bundled & packaged that entrigues me.
I'm signing on to FOLLOW, so I'll be baaaack!
A Quiet Corner said…
I really love the "arty" one Ellie. I love those big round bales...they look too good to eat, don't you think? Thanks for stopping by my place! ...:)JP
Karen said…
I really like hay fields as well. They look a bit different nowadays with the round bales. We drove past a field similar to this yesterday but Hubber's wouldn't stop for me to snap a pic. Great shots!
Rose said…
I always shoot baled hay, too. I never like my own photos, but I like yours.
Pradeepa said…
These are lovely shots of hay.
Anonymous said…
Beautiful photos! Farm fields are so photogenic: seems there's always a picture just waiting to be taken!
Henrietta said…
I can understand you perfectly they are looking great. Here in Finland they covers them with white plastic in these days and that is boring. We call them as a joke cow eggs:) Every field is full of white "eggs".
Lovely photos. I'm a nature girl at heart and can completely relate!
Michele said…
Love love love hay bale pics!
Mira said…
Hi Ellie! Thank you for such a lovely post on my edit. I haven't been around blogs lately to thank you before. :) I love hay bales and your's have a nice composition. Why I'm not surprised?! :)
geetlee said…
The second shot is my favorite! I love the perspective!
Sara said…
Love the perspective on the middle shot. My son loves them, in Sweden they wrap them in white plastic and my son thought they were giant marshmallows.

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