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Close up of mushroom

Since Karen passed her driving test I can't get her our of the car. Lol.  She wants to drive EVERYWHERE.  So I am taking full advantage of this,we went out for a drive to see what I could take some pictures of (she was driving). She was most helpful pointing out prospective shots - mum there are mushrooms, mum there is a bee on the plant, you get the picture! I could hardly keep up with her. Lol.

 It's is Laura's birthday today (she is now 22) and she has brought her boyfriend home for the weekend. So we ordered in an Indian meal - was most delicious and filling, we all sat around for a while recovering. They then went out to visit her friends for a few hours.  The rest of us are sitting around and relaxing - apart from the fact I am writing this blog. 

I was looking through my pictures and found this one. I think that is a caterpiller in the plant, didn't even know it was there when I took this.
Have a great weekend everyone!


TexWisGirl said…
love the sugary color of the mushroom - reminds me of a praline. :)

and the purple bloom is really pretty too!
Debbie said…
creamey, buttery, mushroom....gorgeous up close!!

pretty soft lavender flower....i often find surprises in my photo's!!!
Leontien said…
Whooo happy birthday for Laura!
great shot and i hope you have a great weekend!

Eness said…
Brilliant close up of mushroom. Your Indian Meal sounds delicious. Happy Birthday Laura, Happy driving Karen and Happy Hockey Sticks Emma
You will never get the chance to drive your car again LOL!! I often take photos and then find the odd insect that I did not know was there. Have a good weekend. Diane
deb duty said…
Beautiful photos! It's nice that your daughter helps you out on your photo hunts!
geetlee said…
Happy belated birthday to your daughter :)
Nice shot with the caterpillar :)

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