Some close up shots

Now, I have to 
 add something to this post late. I hope you will be understanding  in this.  I wanted to post a picture onto
last night and had all sorts of bother.  Never done this before! Anyway couldn't get picture link to work and then posted my picture which I couldn't get my post to work. Frustration crept in - well it was midnight (our local time). Anyway got up this morning and low and behold my picture was up on the site and I had no post on my site about it. So I'm fixing it now.  So sorry to everybody. Obviously something I'm going to have to work on. Nobody else seems to have these problems. Aaargh. Lol.

The theme was organic and here is my offering.


I got a set of bellows for my camera so that I could take macro pictures (I have wanted to do that for a while now). So, that's what I did.

I've got a blueberry bush in the garden and I have got such a good crop from it this year - not sure what I should make with them. Blueberry muffins, cake, cookies or pancakes. What do you think.

 There wasn't much that I could shoot close up as it was quite windy and plants were blowing about something awful. So I had to use my imagination - I know I know it was difficult!! Anyway, I spotted  some seaweed and wondered what that would look like up close. Well these are the pictures - they are not very pretty but it looks quite amazing close up!



Finally, what about some shells,  very photogenic don't you think?  Anyway that was my first attempts at proper macro shots. A bit more practice required I think but I'm quite pleased with the results.


TexWisGirl said…
very nice! loved the shell!
Anonymous said…
Love your snail shot!
Annabella said…
Blueberries - how wonderful. I love them straight up on the top of muesli but pancakes and muffins sound good. Macro shots are such fun - enjoy playing around - the blueberries and seaweed are my favourites!
Sara said…
Great shots Ellie, love the blueberries, gorgeous colours. When we were last in Sweden we went hiking up in the hills and ate heaps of wild blueberries.
Love the shells too, especially the last one, great work!
Life 101 said…
Hey Ellie, I just popped over from Rose's blog. Love the photos. Keep up the good work.
Rose said…
Tried to comment earlier...I think these are all good. I must say that every time I try to get a close-up or a flower, or hang a quilt on the clothesline to take photos, the wind does not stop!
Sara said…
I'm not on the right computer at the moment Ellie but I can send you some info on how you link your permalink to challenges. It seems really complicated the first time but once you know what to do it's easy peasy. I'll send you the recipe for the cake too.
Simply stunning!! I'm glad you stuck with it - so worth it :) XOLaura
Sara said…
Sent you an e-mail Ellie, have a great week!
Eileen said…
I love your photos. Well done.
I love that shell shot. I captured a shell too in my latest post. I didn't even get to join in the LEM challenge this week and I had the perfect shot too.
geetlee said…
Awesome, you can really experiment with macro now :)
love the pics of the blueberries and the shells
I'm slightly envious ;) need to get myself extension tubes too! Have fun, can't wait to be a part of your journey.

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