My Little Picture - made better!!


Do you remember the picture I did of the oranges and blueberries? Well a fellow blogger Mira at crisp photoworks liked it and has done a post on it.  Yes, my little photograph.  I had posted it SOC with no editing on it all - mainly because I'm not sure how to go about it. LOL.  Well Mira has taken my picture and posted how to make it look better using different editing software (it was a bit blown out - to say the least). If you go to Mira's site you will see the end result.

Mira's post has just encouraged me to learn all I can.  I am so tickled that she did this. I just want to pass my thanks to Mira for this. 

The joy of being a blogger.


TexWisGirl said…
true, once you see what she was able to do with exposure, etc., you could say yours was a bit blown out, but your photo is still lovely as is! :)
Debbie said…
great, awesome peeps here. and everyone wants to help us newbe's. i will go check out what she's done but i also thought that was a great photo!!!
Debbie said…
nice....i still really like yours!!! but it is fun to make friends and interact with others!!!
Sara said…
I really like yours Ellie!
It's a tricky subject I think because I find yellows and oranges in sunlight can look really over saturated but then the blueberries are dark.
Great you're trying things out and learning new things.
Thanks for the visit and lovely comments. I really appreciate them.
deb duty said…
That's so neat! I love all the tips Mira posts on her blog. Congrats on being featured!

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