The Busy Wasp

Can you see the wasp inside the trumpet of the flower. He was working hard trying to get all the pollen from every flower. He was so fast I could hardly keep up with him. Lol

Here he is again. - Ha, I got him, not quite so quick this time. I think he was actually enjoying the sun. :)

I also spotted this plant and thought it looked quite unusual - not sure what it is. Any ideas?


Sush said…
Lovely photographs...I've been backtracking through your blog, what lovely postings! So happy Fiona shared you with us! I'll be a frequent flyer!

Annabella said…
Lovely shots Ellie - whatever the last plant is, has it gone to seed? Thanks for sharing!
Debbie said…
you have the "bug"....the picture "bug" that is!! not a clue on that last pix!!!
Anonymous said…
Love your photos - not sure about that last plant. Hopefully some of your gardening readers will educate us!
Pradeepa said…
Lovely ones. Yesterday I tried to capture some wasps but was not successful. I was scared to get too close for fear of getting stung.
Rose said…
I have no idea what that last plant that first one a lily? I would like to see it better. I am wondering if it is like the lilies we have here.
I find insects difficult to take photos of, they are so quick. Well done. Diane
Sara said…
Is this with your bellows Ellie? Great work keeping up with him!

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