Lavender and Watches

Do you remember the lavender that I bought at the garden centre a few weeks ago - well here she is. She is doing wonderfully well, I can't believe it. It's so pretty and is underneath my living room window.  Long may she last!!!!


Do you like my watch?  My workmates got me it for my birthday.  I love it, I've never had a lovely watch like this before.  It has mother of pearl inlay and catches the light wonderfully. I tried to photograph it so that it would  catch the light and sparkle.  I don't think I've quite managed it but I'm quite pleased with the result.  Do you like my prop? It's a nectarine and it's sitting on a black plate on the kitchen windowsill so that it could catch the sun. I took so many pictures and couldn't pick a best one - so I just picked this one. Lol.

Despite the pictures - I LOVE MY WATCH!!!!  

Hope everybody in the USA keeps safe this weekend!


TexWisGirl said…
LOL! a nectarine! love it!!! how sweet of your co-workers friends!!!
I posted on this and then my computer crashed and I lost it!!! Not a good day...........

Love lavender it is so calming and it must be lovely having it outside your room.

Watch is beautiful. How nice of your friends to get it for you.
It looks all sparkly and pretty.

Marsha Young said…
How nice to hear from you again. I LOVE your watch. And I also love lavendar. We visited a lavendar farm in Santa Ynez Valley a couple of years ago and it was wonderful.

We have never been to Scotland, but we hope to someday. Blessings to you - Marsha
Great photo of the watch what a lucky lady you are. Belated Happy Birthday. August seems to be a busy month me as well!!
My lavender is over for this year but it will be back with a full range of insect life next year. Diane
Jill said…
I am going to have to try planting some lavender one day. Yours is so pretty.

I can see the sparkles on your beautiful new watch. How thoughtful of your friends!
deb duty said…
Your lavender looks beautiful and I bet it smells good too!
Rose said…
I do like your prop--good thinking! The watch is beautiful...and I LOVE that lavender.

I was trying to comment last night on posts I have missed and this computer was so bogged down I just shut it down and restarted it but did not get back to blogging...I forgot I had not commented on this post.
Eileen said…
I love lavender as well. Two lovely photos again, and Happy Birthday for whenever it was.
Debbie said…
that is one beautiful watch. i think you captured it well!!!
Annabella said…
So when was your birthday?? What lovely colleagues you have and the lavender must smell amazing! Belated happy birthday to you too!
geetlee said…
I love the watch! I have a similar one and I absolutely love the mother of pearl inlay! I love how it catches the light! :)
Pat MacKenzie said…
It's a beautiful watch - I love mother of pearl. What thoughtful workmates you have.

Your lavender is beautiful too. I don't think I've ever seen it growing in real life.

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