A bit of this and a bit of that!

 You may remember yesterday Karen and I went for a drive to take some pictures.  Well I've decided to put some of the pics up. They were taken in a small town about 5 miles away from us.  I would love to have a boat -  well I think I would. Maybe I should re-phrase that. What I meant to say I think I would like the idea of having a boat. Lol. The do look good though!

 These two shots were taken at the beach, I like to take pictures of the beach - can you tell? It was another grey evening and not many people about. I like it that way.  There were swans down on the beach but my pictures were a bit blurry which I was a bit disappointed about.


Another thing I like to take pictures of is wild flowers - I love 'em.  There haven't been many wasps or bees around these parts this year - I think it might be because it is too cold for them.  I did find one today and took lots of shots but every one was rubbish. Another thing I will have to try again. Just as well I enjoy it. Lol



Debbie said…
beautiful pix's today....i love to go for a drive, destination unknow, looking for fun things to photograph....that's a perfect day!!!

we had a boat.....best 2 days, the day we bought it and the day we sold it!!!

have a wonderful weekend!!!!
Nothing wrong with those photos. What a beautiful area. Diane
Michele said…
Beautiful place! I love the last beach photo!!!
TexWisGirl said…
laughing at debbie's comment about the boat. :)

i like that little IE4 boat. too cute. but i'd never want the maintenance, slip rental, maintenance, did I say maintenance? :)
Saun said…
Beautiful, love the boat photos! thanks for visiting my blog and the nice comment. :)
Annabella said…
I`ve always wanted a boat but would probably need someone to drive it or whatever you do with a boat...I love taking beach photos too and looking at them!
Rose said…
I really love that first shot with the skies like they are...and love the one of the flowers.
Anonymous said…
Hi, Ellie!
Thanks for visiting my blog and commenting! I love these photos, and plan to check out some of your previous posts.
My family history has been traced back to Glasgow (McGuriman), so my son will be excited when I tell him I had a visitor from Scotland!
Hello Ellie,

Greetings from Ireland!

Thanks for stopping by Raindrops & Deisies and for your comments.

I have been reading your blog and it is lovely so am now your new follower.

Looking forward to reading more about your life in Scotland.


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