Sunsets and birthdays

Last night I spotted the beginnings of a lovely sunset - and we all know how much I love them. So, I grabbed my faithful camera, jumped in the car and drove down to the beach.  And the following pictures are what I saw.

 Beautiful or what!

While watching I saw two people with the same idea as me - only doing a more professional job of it.

 I have had a great day.  Today is my birthday - I have reached the big  50, half a century, call it what you will.  It's only a number. Lol. Dan got me a set of bellows for my camera so that  I can taken close up shots. A macro lens is just out of our price range I'm afraid. We went for a run in the car along the coast and came to a wee fishing village about half an hour from where we live.  I took lots of pictures - which I will sort tomorrow. It was fun.
This afternoon I went for cocktails with my sister-in-law and nieces. Now, I'm not a big drinker and I have never had a cocktail.  So this was a new experience for me.  And, I have to say I really enjoyed it!!  I didn't get drunk and was home by dinner time. Finally, tonight Dan and I went for our for dinner.  We are just in and I am relaxing, having a coffee and doing this blog.
 As I said I have had a great day!!!!!  Hope you all had a good day too.


Happy Happy Birthday to you Ellie.

I am so glad that you had a good day.

Cocktails with the girls in your family sounds great and then dinner with Dan to top it all off - brilliant.

Your photos are lovely, thanks for sharing.

I am wishing you 50 more happy and healthy years.

Annabella said…
Happy birthday - lovely sunset and looks like you had a great day!
TexWisGirl said…
oh, happy 50th Ellie!!! and you waited 50 yrs to try a cocktail?! goodness! well, i'll raise my glass to you tonight with my dinner and wish you many more happy days ahead!
Debbie said…
happy birthday gets better after 50!!!

L.O.V.E the sunsets pix....sounds like you had an amazing day!!!
Leontien said…
VAN HARTE GEFELICITEERD MET JE VERJAARDAG!!! And yes this means Happy Birthday in Dutch!!!

it sure sounds like you had a great day and yes those pictures are lovely (even if it is not professionally!)

geetlee said…
Happy happy birthday Ellie :) Sounds like you had a blast and I'm glad you did!
I love the sunset shots and the one with the professional photographers too. I went out this weekend as well and kept running into them professionals with the tripods and such. Some of them had those HUGE lenses to take photos. Felt a bit of a mismatch with my teeny tiny one. :)
Isn't it a huge blessing to live by the sea? So much beauty! :)
Anonymous said…
Belated Happy Birthday! (I have two friends who share your birthday.) I love your sunset photos and can't wait to see the fishing village pictures!
It sounds as though you had a wonderful day.
deb duty said…
Happy birthday! It sounds like you've had a wonderful time. I loved turning 40 and I've got about five years until I turn 50. I wonder if it will be as exciting? Have fun with your new bellows. Your sunset photos are lovely. The beach where we visit in Florida each year is situated so that the sun doesn't rise or set on the water so I don't get to take sunset photos on the beach.
leavesnbloom said…
Belated Birthday Ellie. Oh what a stunning sunset - I'm in a hollow and see hardly anything exciting in the sky.
Rose said…
Happy birthday...look forward to seeing the shots you took!
Rosie said…
Happy Birthday Ellie (even if I'm a bit late)!! I hope you had a wonderful day! Your sunsets are adorable!
Kerri said…
Happy Belated Birthday my friend!!
A Beautiful sunset!!

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