Pansy in the pathway

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I found this little lady between the slabs on the path at our front door - isn't she lovely.  I never planted her there she just appeared.  I haven't particularly looked after her she just seems to thrive.  Strange, when I tend lovingly to any of my plants - they die.  Maybe I should just leave them alone!!
So all I have done is take pictures - I think she deserves it.

It's my hubby's birthday today - no I'm not telling you how old he is. He's not that old - honest.  He is on annual leave - we couldn't get our holidays together.  Anyway he is a glutton for punishment, the jobs he has lined up for himself are - in no particular order.

1.  Plastering the hallway and re-painting - he is already having problems with that.
2. Ripping out and installing our new bathroom.  Groan.
3.  Fitting new brake pads and putting our car through its MOT.

So, he shouldn't get bored. Wish us all luck, I may be slightly greyer by the time he is finished. 


TexWisGirl said…
oh, i believe it's a good thing you were on vacation first, then him. i'd hate for you to be home thru all this! :)
geetlee said…
How I love pansies, these have such beautiful colors too.
Happy birthday to your husband. Your house will look great at the end of all that hard work :)
Debbie said…
you already know how i feel about home improvements.....right now we're using duct tape to hold everything together and that's been working great!!

love those care and they flurish!!!
Happy Birthday to your husband and do not work too hard!! Love the pansy, it is amazing what grows in strange places. Diane
Anonymous said…
Hope your husband had a nice birthday.
Beautiful pansy! I know what you mean about plants popping up in strange places. I've had petunias and vinca do that! They'll grow between the foundation of our porch and the brick drain! No grass there at all.

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