Lots of Bubbles

You know, when I used to wash dishes I just washed them and that was that. But now that I like to take photographs I do things differently!!
  I saw the bubbles on the black plate and I thought picture.  So I went for my camera and shot it!!  
I've been looking at it and wondering what I liked about it - I think it might be the reflections in the bubbles or maybe it's just doing something different. Who knows!!! 

 Who would have thought washing dishes could be such fun. :)) Just thought, I'd better not tell my daughters that I enjoyed it or they will have me doing it all the time, ha ha.  
No chance!!! 

PS added 11/12/11 - I've noticed a lot of people have viewed this post from Stumble, if you come from Stumble I'd love it if you would drop in and say 'hello'  :))


It is amazing how much more observant you become with a camera close at hand. Great shot. Diane
I think it's the different sizes of the bubbles and the shape that they are forming together that makes this shot so unique. Against the black hey look like they are lit up. Very cool pic, Ellie!
Jill said…
They are fun and whimsical and I adore this picture. Great job, Ellie!
Jeanne said…
This really made me laugh! I totally understand that photography is so addictive and really changes your perspective on everything. Be sure though that your daughters do not see this post. Might be fun taking photos of THEM doing the dishes with the bubbles in the background. LOL. NIce photo Ellie, and thank you for stopping by my blog. Those children that I photographed were really not so willing, and only had seconds out of 2 hours that i was able to catch a shot. 500 pictures to catch a few. Bubbles much easier to catch. Have a great day
Annabella said…
I know what you`ve caught Ellie - the shutter bug! Lovely capture!
TexWisGirl said…
you have such an artsy eye, ellie!
Karen said…
A fun shot Ellie! Everything has the potential for a good photograph when the camera bug has bitten!
Debbie said…
thinking outside the box....artsy and creative....you've got it ellie!
Flora said…
Very cool shot!
Rosie said…
Now, how cool is this! I love this shot!
Rose said…
Taking time for photography sure changes things, doesn't it. I do like the shot and would never have thought of it myself.
Paul said…
Like you, since discovering my camera I am always looking for photo opportunities. It was neat to have my camera to get a photo of Alice on the billboard. Heading out to the garden shortly to shoot some spring flowers for my blog.
Pat MacKenzie said…
Oh yum! It looks like an Aero bar. Ummm - chocolate!
Bubbles are always fun. Great photo.
geetlee said…
wow, this is so beautiful! that is what is amazing about this life.. you find beauty in such commonplace things :)
happy week ahead!
orchid said…
Dear Ellie,
Oh, you started to amaze me from the interests you get ;))
Right, the bubbles sure look stunning, aren't they♬♬♬
Haha, don't let your family or daughters read this post!!!
Hopeing that you are having Lovely Week.
Blessing to you, my friend Orchid*
Kerri said…
Oh my goodness! What an awesome capture!! With photography - We look at everything differently now, don't we?
Really super!
Jill Wellington said…
Wow! Such a simple observation, yet most of us don't SEE it! Thanks for the inspiration to look closer, Ellie.
Kayla said…
Ooh....I love it. Good for you for slowing down enough to notice the beauty in an everyday activity!

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