Another Night On The Town

Just thought I would throw in a random picture.

On Sunday night Danny and I went out to see some live music in Glasgow. I know, out again, phew that's twice in one month. We don't go out for ages and then it's all over in one month lol. We booked tickets a few months ago to see see Bill Wyman and the Rhythm Kings 

 When I told my workmates who I was going to see they said who? Made me feel a bit ancient lol. In case you don't know Bill Wyman was in the Rolling Stones.  By the way did you know that Bill Wyman is 75 - yeah I said 75.  How do they do that?  They are touring Britain from 17th October till 2nd December (38 shows). I don't know where they get their stamina from!!!! Can I have some PLEASE!!

The Rhythm kings consist of Beverley Skeete (vocals), Albert Lee (Guitars and vocals), Georgie Fame (Organ and vocals), Terry Taylor (Guitar and vocals), Geraint Watkins (Keyboards and vocals), Frank Mead (Alto, tenor, soprano saxes, flute and harmonica), Nick Payn (Saxophone, flutes and harmonica) and Graham Broad (Drums and percussion). I have only heard of Georgie Fame before but they all played with many famous people in the past. 

Mary Wilson (The Supremes) was also starring - what a voice that lady had, it was wonderful.

I have to say it was very very good and I really enoyed it. They played a mixture of R&B, soul, blues, jazz, country and also a few of The Supremes past hits. 

I really love going to see live music. 
I think I'll have to do some research and see who else we can go and see.

Watch this space.


Eileen said…
It sounds like a good night. I'm glad you enjoyed yourself.

I love live music but unfortunately circumstances prevent me going to any concerts at the moment.

Take care
Eileen x
Pat MacKenzie said…
Sounds like you had a fun time. I seldom get to concerts but have enjoyed the few I've been to. I love seeing the 'old musicians' in concert. Quite often PBS shows concerts by Bobby Vinton, Roy Orbison (my all-time favorite) and rock and roll oldies. It's amazing to see them still strutting their stuff.
Leontien said…
Oh that sounded like FUN!! and my gosh!!!! 75 and doing all this touring.... still.... that is just amazing!

I'm glad you had a great time!!!

Big hugs from Indiana
TexWisGirl said…
i think it is so great when musicians love what they do and can continue to do it for years and years...
EG Wow said…
Lovely shot of the grass seed head and congratulations for getting out to hear live music,
Jill said…
Sounds like my kinda night. I'm so happy you enjoyed yourself. :)
Rosie said…
I love your "random photo" :-) And your night out sounds like you had a great time!
lisa said…
Wow! Cannot believe he is 75!
Now I feel ancient!!
Sounds like a wonderful time Ellie!
Debbie said…
sounds like a blast!!

i sure hope i am doing fun things at 75!!
Sounds like a fabulous night out and lovely capture!
Kerri said…
Sounds like fun! My Hubs and I love live music too!
Sounds like you had a great time. I love to listen to live music also.
Rose said…
Sounds like you had a lot of fun!
Paul Forster said…
I also love live music. Have seen in the last few years Bob Dylan and David Byrne from Talking Heads.
Dianna said…
I love "older" music - the Supremes were great. Sounds like you had a wonderful time.
Sush said…
Yowzers...I would have loved to have been there! What a special night you must have had. Musical geniuses in residence! Yay you!

geetlee said…
sounds like you had a lovely fun time Ellie :) Did you get any pics or did you leave the camera home? night shows can be tough to shoot and I sometimes leave the camera home.
Lea White said…
Depending on who it is I love going to a live show. I saw Simple Plan and they were great! Bonnie Tyler was amazing and in Feb next year will see Roxette! Can't wait!
orchid said…
Oh, random picture would be nice Ellie♬♬♬
It sure must have been a nice day. Special Night at Glasgow!!!
Well, we DO have a wonderful big hall which has good acoustics, but not many occasions of singers or stagesas as we wish. Kind of pity.
Hope it's not so cold alredy in Scotland. Haha, having sniffle here.
Much Love, my friend, Orchid*

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