The Gardens

I thought I would post some of the shots from the Burns Monument and Gardens. There are quite a few so I apologise for that - mind you I have whittled it down a wee bit. 

 What a nice place to sit and ponder.

 A monkey puzzle tree
 Imagine this with all the leaves.

I love these shaped hedges.

Not many flowers but plenty of lovely trees. 
Note to self - I must go back in the Spring/Summer.


Jill said…
Oh Ellie! Such a beautiful place to walk. I am really intrigued with the monkey puzzle tree. I've never seen one before and it is amazing!
TexWisGirl said…
love the bending trees and the inviting benches. :)
Such a beautiful place! I love those round hedges...someone sure took some time to trim those, huh?
Love all the photos!
lisa said…
This looks like a wonderful place Ellie.
It looks very peaceful.
Great photographs!
geetlee said…
I have always wondered why they call it the monkey puzzle tree? :)
sounds like you had a great time, the garden is so beautiful and peaceful.
Hope you're well Ellie, I always love stopping by.
Tracy Wood said…
What a beautiful garden! Even in the fall weather, it is beautiful!
Giga said…
Nawet teraz pokazany jest piękny, zielony i zadbany. Pozdrawiam
Debbie said…
it's beautiful and peaceful!! it doesn't need flowers to be gorgeous!!
Nina... said…
Gorgeous gardens! Thanks for stopping by my blog! Have a great day, Ellie!
This is such a pretty garden. Love the photos.
Kayla said…
I love the rounded that I live at a home that is supposed to have those...and we don't know how to do it...or own the things you are supposed to use on them....they aren't nearly as attractive! I do like the monkey puzzle tree though!
Karen said…
Takes on a whole different feel in autumn. I quite like it
Flora said…
Lovely!! Love the shaped hedges too.
Kala said…
This looks like such a peaceful place for a walk and a bit of a rest also.
Sush said…
What I would love to do is join you there sometime! I too wonder why they call that a monkey puzzle tree..please expand!
So much beauty to behold...
Paul said…
Great hedges. Thanks for sharing your neat photos!
Rose said…
I LOVE 2nd, 4th, 7th and 8th--really enjoyed these. If you want to post more, I would not be disappointed at all.
Soo pretty. You should have lots of pictures of something this pretty so don't apologize for having lots of photos to look at. We have Duke Gardens here in Durham, NC and it is my favorite place to visit. We go there on my birthday every year.

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