Lavender and a Happy Birthday Wish

My lavender that I bought a couple of months ago is doing very well. I think the flower heads are very pretty so I thought I cut some off and take some pictures of them. It made my kitchen smell lovely as well so that was an added bonus. Aren't they a lovely colour. Hey Debbie I'll bet you will like them.

Thank you for all your good wishes for Karen, I think she is beginning to feel better - just a sore throat now (Karen just told me that all your good wishes must have helped her to feel better :)) Hopefully in a couple of days and she will be back to her normal vocal self again lol. 

It's my mums birthday today 


(I know she will read this he he). I've been to see her already this morning but I think she will get a wee thrill at it being noted in my blog - I hope so anyway.
Have a great day mum and enjoy your meal out tonight.
 My dad got her a kindle for her birthday - that's another convert!! :)

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Giga said…
Najlepsze życzenia urodzinowe dla Mamusi - sto lat w zdrowiu.
Lawenda dużo koloru zachowała i pewno pięknie pachnie. Pozdrawiam
Anonymous said…
Thank you darling daughter for your birthday wishes and gift. The best gift in the world though is the three lovely thoughtful daughters I have. Your photos and lovely words keep me hooked to your blog. Love always
Jill said…
Good Morning, Ellie! Your lavender is beautiful! I've never had the real thing. It was so fun to see this.

Glad Karen is doing better!

Happy, Happy birthday to your dear, sweet Mum! :)
Debbie said…
i also got a "wee thrill" from being mentioned on your blog today!! may be a bit more then "wee"!!

your lavender is gorgeous, you captured it well.

so glad karen is feeling better and a big happy birthday to your mum!!
Annabella said…
Happy birthday Ellie`s mum! Sorry Karen hasn`t been well and I love that first image of the lavender.
Sherrie said…
I can almost smell your lavender. Have a great day!

Food for Thought
Lovely lavender photos! Glad Karen is feeling better :)
Happy Birthday Ellie's Mum!!
Happy Birthday Ellie's mum. The lavender is gorgeous. Diane
TexWisGirl said…
i just knew debbie would be thrilled at this post! you are so sweet!

God bless your sweet mother! happy birthday, ellie's mum!
Leovi said…
Delicious photos, Lavender is one of my favorite plants for their beauty and their scent.
Sheila said…
I love lavender it smells divine .Happy Birthday wishes to your Mother , hope she enjoys her new Kindle :-)
Flora said…
Beautiful Lavender!! Happy Birthday to you mom!
Well hello Ellie

Wishing the Birthday Girl a great day, health, happiness and many memories.

Enjoy your day Ellie's Mum
make sure all those women in your life spoil you today
and of course Christmas is ocming....

Love lavender
Wonderful lavender, so pretty.
Leanne said…
I love the smell of lavender, so nice to have it inside- these are pretty photos.
Pat MacKenzie said…
Your lavender is beautiful, and so fragrant. Happy birthday to your Mum and get well wishes to Karen.
The lavender is lovely. Happy birthday to your Mum.
Janie said…
Lavendar is so WONDERFUL. What a gift to have that vibrant scent in the home. I too have lavendar, and I wear a purple lavender stone tear drop necklace that gives me peace. What fabalous photos of your cuttings. Keep posting...
Jeanne said…
So wonderful to have your mum to read your blog! Happy birthday to her from Texas! I love your lavender, the leaves are so lovely, and the colors are just delicious! Wish I could find some to grow here, but don't think I have ever seen any.
Paul Forster said…
Hoep your mum had a great birthday tea. Lavender is lovely. I use it's oil for massaging.
Sush said…
I love lavender...the scent and the color! Happy Birthday to your Mum and hope you all have a wonderful weekend!
AJ said…
Love lavander...happy birthday to your mum!
Lauri said…
Lavender is one of my favorites, great perspective. I hope you Mum's day was wonderful.
Light Trigger said…
what a beautiful shot! it is posible to perceive the silkness of the lavender...

Light Trigger: OUR ENTRY
Buttons said…
Oh that lavender is beautiful, I wish I could smell it , it is my favourite smell.
Happy Birthday to your Mom I a sure she will enjoy her kindle. B
Paul said…
Once again I love your photos. Hope you got your Xmas shopping sorted!

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