Boston Seashells

When Emma came home from her school Boston trip she brought me this back. I love it! Look at all these lovely wee shells. 

 I thought it might be a good idea to take some pictures of it.  Some close up shots to see the shells in more detail. I'm quite amazed at how well they turned out cause I wasn't expecting them to be much good to be honest.  

 Karen has been feeling a bit unwell the past wee while. She has flu like symptoms but I think she is starting to feel a bit better. Just hope nobody else comes down with it!

I also just wanted to wish all my American blogger friends a wonderful Thanksgiving holiday. 
We don't have that holiday here but we do have a lot to be thankful for. 


Sheila said…
Lovely seashells and I like the bottle they are in as well. Hope Karen is feeling better real soon.
I'm sorry to hear Karen hasn't been feeling well. I hope she gets better soon. That is a cute little shell bottle! Thanks for the Thanksgiving wishes, Ellie!
TexWisGirl said…
thank you, dear ellie. i believe gratitude should be part of every day, no matter the where! :)
Karen said…
Ooooooooooo, love the shells, and you did a good job of photographing them. Hope Karen feels better soon.
Michele said…
Pretty shells! I hope Karen feels better!
Jill said…
Love your jar of shells! My best wishes for feeling better to Karen.
lisa said…
I love seashells, and I love photographing them. These are wonderful Ellie.
I wish you and your family a beautiful Thanksgiving.
That is gorgeous, I have masses of shells, maybe a large bottle would be a good plan. Thanks for the idea. Diane
Jeanne said…
Lovely tiny shells, and they did photograph quite well. Thank you Ellie for the good Thanksgiving wishes, and you still have my permission to get yourself some lovely flowers if you have not already. Hope that Karen gets over what ever she has without spreading the joy. Blessings from Texas, Jeanne
Hi Ellie,

Hope that you, husband and lovely daughters are now all well.

Have a good week,
wet and miserable here,
but not cold,
just hoping the snow stays away.

Take care

x Fioan
Buttons said…
Oh I do love shells and sand in a bottle. My daughter brought some back from Prince Edward Island once I still have them. Awesome shots.
Hope all is well. B
Flora said…
Looks beautiful. We celebrated our Canadian Thanksgiving in October...but are in the US right we get another Thanksgiving and turkey meal...yum!!
Dianna said…
What a beautiful little jar of shells! I love the rope around the neck of the jar. So cute, and your pictures are great!
Hope Karen's feeling better soon. We appreciate your Thanksgiving wishes.
Enjoy your day.
Sush said…
Popping in to say how beautiful the seashells are and I'm glad to hear from your latest posting Karen is feeling better. I can't tell you how wonderful it is to hear such generous wishes for a Happy Thanksgiving from each and every of my blogging friends who live where it isn't celebrated. How thoughtful and kind and it gives me even more to be thankful for!
What a fun trip to Boston and your seashells are perfect! I hope that Karen is feeling better and no one else got sick.
Rose said…
Well, I know Karen is starting to feel better...and I missed your mom's birthday...I am glad K. is feeling better, and hope your mom had a wonderful day.

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