Hollies and Berries

I hope it's not to early to post a picture like this. 

It makes me think Christmas is coming.  And I really need to start thinking like that because I'm totally NOT organised for it.

 I haven't even bought one present yet - not one!! I reallly need to get myself into gear. So I thought I'd post this picture in the hope it spurs me on.

Anyway I hope you are all more organised than me!!


Jill said…
This is lovely! Does it grow near you?
I love that picture! And I haven't bought one present yet, either. :)
blessings to you - Marsha
Dianna said…
I've bought just a few presents, but I normally wait til about 2 weeks before Christmas. And then I panic!!
Love your holly and berries picture. It does say "Christmas", doesn't it?
If it makes you feel better, Ellie, I'm not! I like to look at Christmas stuff though like hollies and berries because it does get me in the spirit.
Debbie said…
gorgeous picture, perfet for our upcoming season!!

i will not notify the blogger police that you are trying to bypass thanksgiving and jump right to christmas!!
TexWisGirl said…
nope. i'm totally right there with you. not one gift. not one idea for a gift. :)
Karen said…
It's never to early to post a beautiful photo like that!
Rose said…
Well, I have bought for Lorelei, but other than that...not any.

You should post this picture in a smaller size and count down the day till Christmas for us...maybe it would put a burr under our saddle.
Christmas is right around the corner. I haven't bought any present either. Love the picture!
orchid said…
Dearest Ellie,
I LOVE your picture of hollies and berries!!!
Oh, Christmas must be far more important than us and busiest season. Good Luck, my friend.
By the way, your expression "I reallly need to get myself into gear." gave me a soft smile♡♡♡
Blessing to you, xoxo Orchid*
geetlee said…
love those berries! It's amazing how much color there is around. I thought winter was supposed to be dull and gray!
I hope you're able to prepare well for Christmas, all the best! :)
Paul said…
You always have great pictures, Ellie! Xmas is sure fast approaching. Looking forward to school holidays!

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