Ornamental Apple Tree

We saw these wee tiny apples lying on the ground. They were from an ornamental apple tree. I didn't know they could be so small.
Aren't they cute?

Well after the half decent day we got on Sunday the weather is now really horrible. Really heavy rain, gale-force winds and it's cold - but not frosty cold. Today has been a duvet day if ever there was one. Unfortunately I have had to work, hmmmph.

Hope it's better where you are!!!


TexWisGirl said…
they look similar to what we call 'crab apple' trees. :)
I agree with T, they do look like our crab apple trees.
Hope you're staying dry my friend!
Have a good day :)
Eileen said…
Hi Ellie. No the weather is no better here .. very cold, wet and windy. I think it's going to be a long hard winter.

Hope you're well.

Eileen x
Mira said…
Guess what! It's quite sunny here in Italy. You should come over here. :)
Same weather here Ellie
and I had to go to work too!

Don't like the rain and gales but prefer it to the horrible white stuff that is predicted!!!

Stay warm.

x Fiona
Karen said…
Oh, crab apples! They make nice jam. It's been pouring rain here with high winds for almost 16 hours!
Jill said…
Yup! Crab apples.

Wish you could have stayed snuggled inside today instead of working. Maybe you can relax tonight?
lisa said…
These are small Ellie!
I am guessing crabapples.
It is still very warm here.
All the way up to 66 degrees today.
Hard to believe that Christmas is just around the corner.
Debbie said…
65 degrees here today....but we are getting rain!!

i also think they are crab apples!!
Rose said…
I have a crabapple tree in my front yard...they can be beautiful in spring, but those little apples are a pain to clean up.
Connie Smiley said…
Sweet little crabapples, Ellie. Hope you're staying warm.
Paul Forster said…
A pity about your weather. The sun has made a brief appearance but it's packing it in soon.
I have to ask -- are you doing anything with the apples, that is, if the tree is your tree! :)

Cute little fruits.
Henrietta said…
It is not better in Finland, I think it is worst:) It looks still so green over there.

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