Going Shopping

 I found this wee dandelion head in the garden (that will probably tell you something about the state of my garden lol). It was a tiny wee baby one. I've never seen one so small before, I'm not sure you could call it cute bit it kinda was :) - I know, I'm daft. Anyway I liked it, so as with anything that I like the look of, I took a picture of it.

This morning Emma had an away game for hockey and had to get the bus at 7.40am. Well, she slept in and didn't wake up till 7.30 - you can probably imagine the huge rush. She was all dressed and ready in time when she discovered it had been cancelled. Aaaargh!!!!  It was cancelled due to the weather which is awful, torrential rain, howling winds and it is cold. Give me snow anytime.  I woke up in the middle of the night and wind was really blowing hard.

I'm hoping to do some Christmas shopping today - yup I'm making a start.  No clue what I am buying for anyone but I've got to start. I'm going to Silverburn shopping centre which is an indoor shopping area (ideal for bad weather days) near Glasgow. I'm hoping to go early to beat the rush - which there is bound to be. I like to shop when it is quiet.  Emma is coming with me as she want's a new dress for her school Christmas party. We will see how we get on - wish me luck!!!!


Giga said…
Jeszcze jest "dmuchawiec" :-). U nas wczoraj było pięknie, ale dzisiaj pogoda podobna, jak u Was. Udanych zakupów, Pozdrawiam
Sorry about the weather but hope that the shopping was successful. An indoor shopping area is great in all temperatures :) Diane
Stewart M said…
Hi there - sport, rain and sleeping in - sounds like a normal weekend in Scotland!

We have just come out of a ten year drought - rain seems like a novelty to my kids. And I agree about snow - always liked it as kid!

Cheers - Stewart M - Australia ( but UK for 30 years!)
Dianna said…
Love the little dandelion. Good luck with shopping; I haven't begun yet.
Too bad about your daughter's rushing only to find that the game was cancelled. Did she crawl back in bed?? I would have!
Jill said…
I LOVE the little dandelion. I think they are one of natures most beautiful gifts.

Hope you have a great day of shopping!
The picture of the dandelion is pretty, even if it is a dandelion.
Good luck with Christmas shopping! I am also going Chistmas shopping today and will also need some luck with that.
TexWisGirl said…
oh, good luck with the shopping. yuck!

i love the top photo of your tiny dandelion! it is delightful!!!
Roan said…
I love the dandelion. I bet your garden isn't looking as sad as mine. Well, how sad it was. Bro O has already worked the ground for next spring. It was full of weeds. Hubby's back has been bothering him and since I had broken ankles most of the summer, we didn't do a lot of weeding. There's always next year. Good luck today!
Flora said…
Wow you still have dandelions?...at least you don't have snow:)
Mira said…
Thank God, I am done with the most of Xmas shopping early this year. I still have to find a gift for my 8 months nephew. Everyone did Xmas shopping early this year in my family and now I am left wondering what to get to him. We sort of coordinate kids' gifts within the family since there are only two kids (the nephew and his sister) in the entire family and everyone is getting them multiple gifts. I don't wanna leave this for the last moment so I should start browsing Toys R Us. :)
Tezzie said…
That IS a cute little dandelion...nothin' daft about it :)

We, also, had stormy/crazy windy weather here yesterday...Finland and Scotland must be connected on some level ;)

Hope your shopping was as restful as it could be; I always have really good intentions on starting early, but I seem to get caught in the rush no matter what!
Stewart M said…
Hi there - thanks for the comments on both of my blogs - as you can see they have a rather different feel.

I was born in the deep dark south west - Somerset - but moved to Northumbria, Cumbria and Yorkshire when I was about 19. Rather liked the North of England. Moved to Australia over 15 years ago. Strange when you just put it down like that! Spent more than a few weeks in Scotland - winter, summer, anytime really.

Cheers - Stewart M - Australia
Debbie said…
i always shop from the comfort of my chair....for me, online is the way to go!!

nice photo....my gardens are in desperate need of some love!!
Rose said…
I hope you had some luck in your shopping endeavors...and yes, the dandelion was cute! that was honestly my first thought.
Larissa Dobbin said…
So how was your Christmas shopping? Usually, shopping before Christmas time will save you more money than doing it near the holiday season. The only catch is that there aren't any Christmas bonuses and promos yet. LOL!

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