When we were wandering around the grounds at Dean Castle the other day - did I mention how lovely it was! - I noticed that a few of the trees had been cut down. What a shame some of them were very big trees - obviously been there a long time.
Although I have to say there is a lot of re-planting going on. Something else I noticed was that there were quite a few memorial trees there as well.
I tried counting the rings on this one but lost count numerous times - any guesses on how old it is?


I would guess about 90 years old? We saw the same thing on our long walk last weekend...lot's of trees cut down and we were wondering why.
Jill said…
I enjoyed the perspective of these. I've adored the tree rings since I was little but I always lose track and get dizzy trying to count them. :)
TexWisGirl said…
i'm hoping they are selectively culling to prevent disease or damage. :)
Debbie said…
i think they are controlled cuts. here we do controlled "burns" which i despise.
Karen said…
That's sad, a tree gravyard...
Giga said…
Drzew wyciętych zawsze szkoda, niezależnie od ich wieku. Pozdrawiam
Eileen said…
Hi Ellie, I like you photos but haven't got the patience or good enough eyesight to try and count the rings.
Kimberly said…
Lovely photos! I've never had enough patience to be able to count a tree's rings. :) But it looks pretty old!
I always loved trying to count the rings! I'm going to guess 50!

Rose said…
I hope you eventually got them counted cause I am curious. I would have said about 42!
I am not sure how old it is, but it looks quite old. Lovely photos.
I love trees, and always hate to see one cut down. But now that it is supposed to snow next week, I am thinking about firewood; so I guess I am a wood-hypocrite. :)
Sush said…
When my Grandfather died my Mom had the farm turned into a tree farm leased by the State of Georgia. They would grow huge pine trees and every so often go in and harvest a section and replant.
Lovely photos~
Jill Wellington said…
Ellie, what a great eye to zero in on the fallen trees! Wish I lived near a castle, too!

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