Parent's Night with a Difference

Random Dandelion Head Picture

Well Laura, Karen and Emma are all off out to the pictures tonight to go and see the new Twilight Movie.  I kind of wish I was going with them but it's nice to see them all go out and having fun together. 
My poor Karen has been struggling with a headache all week so I'm hoping she is ok in the cinema!

Well, wait till I tell you what happened to me last night. My face is going red just thinking about it!!! Ah the anticipation, I bet you can't wait to find out what it was now ha ha. 

 It was Emma's parents night at school last night and 
Danny wouldn't be home in time from work to go to it so it was just me and Emma. We drove to the school in plenty of time and were wandering around the side of the school where it was extremely dark. There are a couple of steps there and of course I didn't see them - remember it was extremely dark. Well I tripped on the first step and tried to save myself and then I tripped on the 2nd step and went flying through the air.  You know that sinking feeling you get when you know you are going down in a big way and why is it when you do it goes in slow motion?  
Anyway I put my hands out to save myself so they hit the ground first, then my knees, my shoulder and then my cheek. It was raining and miserable and I also managed to wash my face in a puddle. I lay on the ground for a minute trying to work out what exactly had just happened. Emma turned around on hearing the thudding noise to see me lying prostrate on the ground. She started saying "mum get up" - she was worried somebody might see me!!
Let me just assure you I was FINE, just had sore knees and hands - and was really wet. Once Emma found out I was ok she was doubled up laughing - all night!!!
Well, I laughed a bit as well, it must have looked awfy funny.

I had to sit through 3 teachers meetings and try and pretend everything was ok all the while thinking 'I wish I could check my knee is ok'. Anyway I survived it all and when I got home I discovered I'd skint my knee and had a nice big bruise on each of my palms. My cheek is fine though so that is something. 

 It is a long time since I had a good fall and hopefully that will be my last. I don't wish to do it again any time soon. 
Have a great weekend everyone!!!


Debbie said…
why is it falls always make us laugh?? and then the thought, "oh my, did anyone see me go down"??

glad to hear you are o.k., it sounds like it could have gone either way!!
Giga said…
Dobrze, że to zdarzenie dobrze się skończyło i teraz można się z tego śmiać ;-. Pozdrawiam
Karen said…
Glad to hear you are okay! Ya, the worst part is often the thought that someone may have seen it!
Janie said…
Oh my gosh I know how that feels to fall.
Usually you wanna get up quick so no one sees ya.
I know you must be feeling it by day 3?
Sore and beat up.
I have seen people fall and it breaks my heart.
If I were there I would of saved you.
Are you going to blog your injury photos?

Take care,
Anne said…
Hi Ellie! Hope you are ok. I fell in the snow last year and my shoulder has been at me since!! My gang are going to see that movie as well. Have a good weekend:)
TexWisGirl said…
oh crap! that could have been very bad! i do hope you don't get sorer as the days go on! glad it was just skinned knees and a few bruises! yikes!
Pat MacKenzie said…
Oh poor you. And there was Emma without a camera in her hand! Take care - blame the dark and the rain.
lisa said…
Ellie, that sounds like it was a nasty fall.
I am so glad you are okay!
Flora said…
This is one of those times you laugh...but feel you shouldn't!! Poor you...but I would of loved to see it:)
Oh my goodness! I'm glad you're alright, Ellie! It could have been a bad fall. I know what you mean when you say it happens in slow motion!
PS I like the image - very pretty!
Tracy Wood said…
Glad you are OK!!! I'd probably have a broken hip!
Jill said…
Oh Ellie, you poor girl! I'm so glad you didn't break anything. You are a real trooper to continue upon your night as you did!

I hope you don't get sorer as time goes on!
Rose said…
Oh, I feel for you, even if I did laugh. Last year, my daughter had this serious surgery...she was in the hospital 8 or 9 days, so we were staying over there.

I was in Lorelei's room changing her diaper, Roger and her daddy had come in there behind me, and so had their pitbull...well, he came laid down right outside her door and I did not notice him.

I got Lorelei changed and was heading back to the living room, and did not see Ottie...I tripped over him...

I did not want to drop Lorelei, but did not want to squash her I just held on to her till I was like a few inches from the floor....I caught my upper body weight till I didn't fall on her...she did not cry...

But oh, my poor knee...I got like a rug burn and it was raw for days...that has been over a year ago and I still have a big red spot on my knee!
I hope you are ok. That didn't sound good at all.
I'm glad you are ok! If it makes you feel better, I have a few tripping stories, too:-)
Dianna said…
You're so right about the "slow motion". It seem to take forever to hit the ground, all the while you're wondering how bad it's going to hurt, whose going to see you....! Glad you weren't hurt badly though. I can imagine it was a long night for you to sit through those meetings.
Jeanne said…
Ellie I am soooooo sorry that you fell down , but can totally empathize Love your humour and writing style though, and it almost made me laugh too. You have encouraged me sometime to make a blog post of a fall that I had last year. I was really somewhat injured, but it really, for some reason, tickled my funny bone, and i can still have a chuckle when I think of it. Practically broke my arm though, so wasn't really that funny. Well heal quickly, and keep that wonderful sense of humor! How is the photoshop going??? Any more fun with it. You should try out Rad Lab free trial. It IS REALLY EASY AND MAKES YOUR PHOTOS LOOK VERY COOL. FREE 30 DAY TRIAL TOO. Hugs from Texas, and again, so sorry about your fall and your washing in the puddle!!! Jeanne
Jeanne said…
Oh and sorry! Your dandeliion picture is awesome, even if it is Random. Such sharp focus. Jeanne
That "falling in slow motion" thing is odd, isn't it? Glad you were not jurt too badly.

Rest up. ...Marsha
Kayla said…
I fell a few weeks ago crossing in front of the drive through line at McDonald's. Didn't spill my drink....and didn't drag my 2 year old down with me. It was sort of funny - she got mad at me for pulling on her hand...even though I was sort of holding my hand up so she wouldn't come down too. I had very much the same, really fast/slow motion thing happening....right there for everyone in their cars to see. My husband who was also there....was already in the car just a few feet away eating....didn't see all. I skinned up my knee and only one of my hands...since the other was holding my little girl. We too laugh about my fall...but mostly how spectacularly unobservant my husband is!
orchid said…
Dearest Ellie,
Oh, my God!!!
Lucky you that not so serious damage. It might have been worse, isn't it!
Well, I feel scary when I have to go downstairs to use bathroom during the night. Sometimes really drowsy.
I hope you're perfectly OK in a couple of days. No laughing matter for yourself, I think haha.
Have a wonderful weekend, my dear friend, xoxo Orchid*
Sara said…
Oh no, how horrible Ellie, hope all your bruises healed up and there were no lasting injuries!
Gorgeous dandelion head!

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