Highlight Or Not To Highlight - That Is The Question

Well at the risk of scaring everybody off I've decided to post a picture of ME.  Hi everybody!!!! 

Oh please come back I'm really not that scary!!!! lol. 
Anyway I got my hair cut today and I feel so much better for it.  Isn't it funny - getting your hair cut is such a boost. 
Think how bad I must have looked befere, Oh Err!!!
Karen took this first picture I quite like it apart from the no neck situation I've got going on there.

 Danny took this picture which I also like - so I decided to post them both. (Really to save any fighting - no favouritism here you know.)

 Anyway the reason for the pictures is this - I have a fair amount of grey (I'd rather call it silver) in my hair but I have decided to let it come through and not get it highlighted to see what it might look like. Don't get me wrong if it ages me a lot I'll be at the hairdresser quick smart. 

What do you think? Highlight or not to highlight!!!


TexWisGirl said…
i like natural. and i love grey. :)

hi ellie! (waving!)
Eileen said…
I'm probably not the best person to ask because I stick with the natural look and don't bother with hghlights at all.

Great to see what you look like - wasn't scary at all!
Hi Ellie, it's so nice to see you!

I like natural, I think it's beautiful.

(I've been noticing a few 'silver' hairs in my head lately. I'm embracing it...I feel I've earned them, so I'll wear it proudly!)
Sheila said…
I've been natural for quite a while and personally I don't think it ages you as your skin tone has also changed ,I like your hair cut looks great.
Kayla said…
I vote for natural. You hair cut looks great....and it looks really healthy and soft. Natural takes so much less upkeep and money too!
Giga said…
Masz naturalne pasemka i jest ok. Pozdrawiam
Jill said…
Ellie! You look adorable! I say keep going with the natural and see how you like it. I'm trying the same thing but I'm not cute like you!
Sara said…
Gorgeous photos Ellie, the light in the second one is lovely. I love your haircut, I think you have enough natural highlights in there, looks beautiful!
Rose said…
I really like that last photo...and I think your hair is pretty as is...however, I say do what you want to do. I did keep mine highlighted....but haven't done it in several months. If mine was as pretty as yours, I wouldn't even think about it.
Annabella said…
I agree with Rose - do what you want to do. Lovely pics - the first is my favourite!
Flora said…
It looks great...I don't think you need to highlight... the silver looks good!...If you want a change...try highlighting with undertones... I guess that is not highlighting...since it gives you darker hair...but I often do that ...my hair really bleaches out and gets to light so I often get undertones put in.
busybusybeejay said…
My hair is white!I have ony tried colouring once and it went green,so I have stuck with being white and being proud of it.My hair is thick(thankfully)and so I try and get it standing up and looking"trendy".Most times it doesn't work but who cares!!
Paul said…
I'll be diplomatic and say I like them both equally..honest I do. I suppose in the end you are the best judge and what you think is the most important.
Debbie said…
you look amazing, just the way you are!!

you have a beautiful smile!!
orchid said…
Hello Dear Ellie,
Really nice to see you, my friend in Scotland♡♡♡
Oh, I know how different and refreshed you feel when we have oiut hair done! You look gorgeous♬♬♬ I don't think you need to highlight it.
We(Japanese)have really black hair and when grey hair start to grow, it is really conspicuous. Haha, sure is our pain in our neck.
Lovely to see you xoxo Orchid*
Janie said…
So nice to see a face to the blogs I visit. What a lovely photo, complete with smiles. I bet you are actually easy to photograph. You look like a relaxed type of person. I think people should do what feels best for them. I like your hair cut. You look great with grey hair, some people can really pull that off well. Try it for awhile, and decide if it makes you happy. If not you can always change your mind. I wish I had the nerve to cut my hair short. I guess I will know when the right time is for me. It is definitely right for you.
I think your hair looks great in the photos. I say do whatever make you feel the best. It doesn't really matter what others think.
Anne said…
Hi Ellie! I think your hair looks great! The problem with highlights is once you start they need redoing quite often to keep the colour fresh! I tried but just went back to using my normal brown lately:)
Hi Ellie,

You look lovely.

Both photos are great!

Why don't you ask your daughters what they think, if they are like mine they will be completely honest with you and tell you as it is, no pussyfooting around with daughters!!!

Hope you are having a lovely day, it is sunny here in Ireland and so I hope the sun is shining on you too!

x Fiona
Sush said…
I'm with you...go au natural! I'm getting my fair or unfair share of silver strands and have decided like you to just go with it . For now...like you I'm waiting to see how things shake out down the road.

Love the pictures you pretty lady!

Dianna said…
I love your haircut! And I think the color is great. I also agree with the previous commenter who says you should do what makes YOU happy! (You'll know...!)
Karen said…
Nice haircut! I colour my hair, not brave enough to go grey yet. Let it grow in and see how you like it.
lisa said…
Both you and the haircut are beautiful!!
Buttons said…
Hello Ellie nice to place a beautiful face with the name. I love your hair colour. I have not put hair dye in my hair for15 years and boy is it easier. My head is full of White hair now and I absolutely love it. I have earned every gray hair on my head. I think it is a personal choice to be sure but I love the natural it could be just because I am lazy :) I don't think I look old but may be :) B
geetlee said…
Ellie you look great! :) such a lovely smile! i like both shots equally! :)

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