Pleasant Evening

I just love pretty flowers, and I think this one is very pretty. As usual I don't know what it is, I just saw it, loved it and took a picture lol.

Last night we all went out for dinner. We went to a local Frankie and Benny's, and had a very pleasant meal. 
Emma plays violin and had a lesson straight after dinner. So the three girls went off to that in the car and Danny and I sat and relaxed over a dessert for a while longer.  Then we came home - with no cooking or dishes to do, what bliss, aahhhh.
What a pleasant way to spend an evening.  We must do this again real soon.

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Giga said…
Kwiatek jest tak przyjemny, jak pewno była kolacja . Pozdrawiam
shirley said…
Yes, that is a very pretty flower. And your evening out sounds perfect and relaxing.
I once had the privilege of visiting Scotland - the Oban area. I hope I get to go back in the future.
Rosie said…
What a great flower! I don't know its name either and this is also typical for me ;-)
Glad that you had a good night Ellie,
it is wonderful not to have to cook and to escape the dreaded dishes!!

Love the flower, it is a lovely shade of blue.

Enjoy your evening.

Fiona x
That is what we are doing tonight - going out for dinner - so happy I will have all of this free time before dinner:-). I love the violin...would love to have one of my daughters play!
Jill said…
Oh that is such a lovely flower!

Glad you had a nice time last night. One does need to relax once in awhile.
deb duty said…
Very pretty photo! I'm glad you enjoyed your night out!
Debbie said…
you had me at purple!!
TexWisGirl said…
beautiful purple (i knew debbie would like it). :)
That flower is the most gorgeous blue/purple, I wonder what it is? Diane
Karen said…
A great flower photo Ellie, (I too knew Debbie would like it). I love going out for dinner, no dishes is my favourite part!
Eileen said…
I glad you enjoyed your family meal out. I have no idea what the flower is but it is a beautiful photo.
It does sound like a wonderful evening out...and no cooking or dishes? Bliss, indeed!

The flower is lovely, I love purple flowers.
Tamar SB said…
What a pretty flower! And i just love walking in from eating out and not having to do the dishes!
Lea White said…
A very pretty flower.

Sounds like a really nice evening!
lisa said…
I don;t know what flower this is either Ellie, but it sure is beautiful. So graceful, and the color is amazing.
Wonderful photograph of it!!
Happy weekend to you!
SarahinSC said…
That is so pretty and soft! Beautiful!
I like the photo of the flower, very pretty. It is nice to go out to eat and not have the clean up when you are done eating!
Another lovely picture from you, Ellie. Thank you.

And what a nice way to spend the evening.

(I'm with you - I love it when there is no clean up after wards. :)
Flora said…
Great shot of the flower...don't know what it is! Isn't eating out great!! We went out tonight... Half price appetizers....we ate way to much!!
Rachel B said…
Thank you for your visit to my site! I also think the flower in your photo is very pretty.
My son works for F&B down in the South-West area of the UK! I am glad to hear the meal was good :)
Must be delightful to eat out. Love your flower, such a pretty colour.
Janie said…
Purple is the color, and boy I love this one. So glad you stopped to photograph it. What is it about dishes, and cooking that leads us all to a point of "Bliss" when we are not having that responsibility? I am fortunate that my husband doesn't mind doing the dishes, and he likes leftovers.
geetlee said…
I feel you, no cooking and dishes after is bliss. That's a lovely lovely shot!
Rose said…
I read every comment trying to see if anyone knows what this is a real beauty.

Love eating out simply because of the no mess afterwards.
Kayla said…
I never know the names of the flowers I like either! What a nice, relaxing evening!

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