River Ayr Walk part 2

First of all, I wanted to thank everyone who commented on my last post about my new hairdo. You are all lovely people and say the kindest things. I really appreciate all your comments :)))

 Do you remember when Karen and I walked along the River Ayr? - well today we did the next leg of it. It was, yet again, a glorious day. This time we were on the other side of the river to get a different perspective. It was so lovely, the autumn colours, the sun shining and the reflections on the river were wonderul.

 Do you see what I mean about the reflections - when I looked at my picture I couldn't really tell which was was up. Such a clear reflections!!

There are a lot of old trees, either cut up or hollow in the middle like this one which was full of leaves.

The next nice day we get we are going to walk further along this river as it is too nice not to. 
And I will take the pictures to prove it!!!


Giga said…
Miły jesienny spacer. Pozdrawiam
How beautiful! The reflections are lovely, and the walk looks like a wonderful walk. I wish we had something like that here. Your photos remind me of why I love England so much.

(PS. I just saw your previous post and I love your haircut! I struggle with the gray issue and have been doing highlights but I keep wondering about just letting the gray grow in!)
lisa said…
Wonderful photographs Ellie!
I love the one of the stairs.
Have a great start to your week!
TexWisGirl said…
that reflection shot is GORGEOUS!
Jill said…
Stunning reflection, Ellie! It just looks like such a perfect place to walk.
Roan said…
That is a beautiful place to walk. I can see why you want to go further. Love the reflection shot. With regard to your hair dilemma, I think you look beautiful just the way you are. The thing to remember about highlighting...you have to keep highlighting. I know because I chose to highlight. Now I wish I had left it like it was. Of course, ultimately it is your choice. Good luck with your decision. Have a wonderful week.
Rose said…
Thank you for taking me on the walk...it sure was lovely! I actually do wish I could have been there!
Debbie said…
oooohhhhh ellie, these are gorgeous. it looks like you captured all the best of a wonderful place!!
I love the photo with the reflection, that is my favorite, but the rest of the photos are lovely also.
Flora said…
Thanks for the walk. It is beautiful!!
Paul Forster said…
They are marvellous photos. Delightful colours. Looks a pretty walk.
orchid said…
Dear Ellie,
Thank you very much for the wonderful stroll.
Wow, beautiful reflection♡♡♡
May your new week be the lovely one!
Much Love, my friend, Orchid*
A very beautiful place for a walk indeed.
Michele said…
Your images are gorgeous! You live in such a beautiful place! So much different from my surroundings!

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