After Sunset

When we were coming back from our walk on Sunday I noticed the sky was looking amazing. It was about 4.45pm and the sun was setting.  We were about 20 minutes away from the beach and I wondered if we would get there in time.
 By the time we arrived the sun had gone but I loved the pink sky. Here are a few shots.

 The Heads of Ayr in the background

 The wee island at the very back is called Ailsa Craig.
 And this is the Island of Arran in the background. It is often a stunning sight.

After enjoying the view for a while I turned around to go back to the car I saw this and thought it would make a nice picture too, It also shows how quickly it got dark as well.


Jeanne said…
Good morning ellie! Such lovely shots, and give me a tiny view of Scotland. Thank you for sharing your country. Makes me feel like a mental traveler.
Those are beautiful photos! I'm so envious of you being able to walk that each day. Lovely. And yes, it does get dark so early now, doesn't it?
Tezzie said…
Yeah, see...I've GOT to get my butt to Scotland to visit my good friend that lives there. Gorgeous images like yours put Scotland on the number one spot of must visit places :)
Jill said…
These are lovely! I'm glad you got that last shot too. It's very pretty and inviting!
Mihaela said…
very nice evening colours, looks like a great place for a stroll :)
TexWisGirl said…
love those soft pastel shades in the sky!
Eileen said…
Beautiful photos again, Ellie. I still haven't managed to catch a sunset yet this year!
What great photos, they are stunning. Diane
Pat MacKenzie said…
Lovely pictures. The islands look a bit mystic in the sunset light. I like the bottom picture too, leading to the beach.
Lovely photos Ellie.

It is 4.15pm here and it is a dark, damp dreary Wednesday,
I don't like these long evenings.


ps how is the hair!
leavesnbloom said…
Oh I have to get to Arran one day - my kids have been and loved it. Beautiful sunset Ellie.
Paul said…
Great shots of the sunset, Ellie. Your Island of Arran looks like our Kapiti Island. It's wonderful to live near the beach. In fact I better head down that way now for my morning run before heading off to school.
These are a beautiful collection of photos, Ellie. It looks like such a relaxing place to visit.
deb duty said…
What a beautiful sunset and your photos are gorgeous! The sun is starting to set early here too since our time changed. It's getting dark around 5:30 I think. I like a little more daylight than this!
Debbie said…
gorgeous looks like someone else was taking pictures as well!!

i love being so close to the beach, don't you?? now that's a silly question, i know you do!!
Julie G. said…
These are such soft, stunning images, Ellie! Viewing them evokes a sense of peace. Lovely, indeed!
Rose said…
Wow, these are just so beautiful and serene. Would make lovely cards.
Really beautiful. I love photos of sunsets, they are always such pretty colors.

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