My First Shot of Picture Editing!!!

Well, I've had my first proper shot at Photoshop. Wow is that difficult or what?  - or is it just me!!!

 I took these pictures a couple of weeks ago and they weren't the best (very dark and flat looking) so I thought I'll get Dan to show me how to use Photoshop - it'll be a breeze. Ha, little did I know. Took me bloomin' ages to do this. 

Anyway they say practice makes perfect so I'll keep practicing.

I have to say though, I quite like the end result - pats self on head!! I may just give it another go.

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Karen said…
Oh, a great job! Beautiful waterdrops and terrific colour.
TexWisGirl said…
good for you! i've never used photo shop. refuse to give it the time! already spend too much time in front of the laptop screen!
leavesnbloom said…
Those look wonderful Ellie congrats on taking the plunge into photoshop.
Stacia said…
Love that yellow. So pretty!

PS: I've never used PhotoShop either! It just sounds scary. =>
You did a good job, Ellie! Beautiful photos :)
Alice said…
you did a marvelous job! those colors are gorgeous! and, yes, it took me forever with photoshop, too. still trying to understand masks and layers, hahaha! if you figure those out - let me know - we need to talk :)
Those are beautiful shots, love the colors and the water drop captures. Great photoshop editing :)
Love the photos Ellie,
you have done a great job.

Don't think I will try it though
it is difficult enough trying to find time to follow and reply to blogs let alone me editing photos!!!

Piddling rain here, hope it is nice in Scotland

Flora said…
The look wonderful!!
Jill said…
FANtastic job, Ellie! Beautiful. I don't even dare try Photoshop.
lisa said…
Patting you on the head too!!
These are wonderful Ellie.
I promise that once you get going in Photoshop, you will wonder why you ever thought it was difficult!
Annabella said…
I think you`ve done a great job Ellie.
Debbie said…
i LOVE the first one, that's really special!! i have never used photo shop or any form of editing. for me, the art is what the lens and i see. hand held always, it's just the way i roll.

i usually pat myself on the back!! hahaha...just sayin'!!
Jeanne said…
I think that you did a wonderful job and glad Ellie that you are patting yourself on the head. I have been doing photoshop for nearly 2 years, and the more i do it, It seems like the less I know, so think you have had a very good start!!!! Congratulations. ( Not sure if you should listen to lisa or not) Think she is a real pro
orchid said…
Dear Ellie,
Oh, photoshop!!!
marvelous result, aren't they♬♬♬
I won't be able to get the knack of it.
Good Luck and Have a Lovely TGIF♡♡♡
Hugs to you, Orchid*
Ellie you did again, these photos are very striking. I love them!
Sush said… daughter has photo shop on her Mac. I just got the basics for mine since we were still putting her through college. My next one will have photo shop!
You Go Girl!
Paul said…
Beautiful shots. Vibrant colours!
Dianna said…
These are beautiful. You'll get the hang of editing, and then you'll be hooked on it!
Lowell & Faye said…

The picture of the yellow roses & baby's breath is beautiful. Roses of other colors are beautiful too, but there's just something special about those that are yellow. They were the favorites of my mother and my mother in law.

My wife uses Photo Shop all the time, but it seems too complicated for me to even attempt. You are to be complimented.
Me said…
very lovely work!
Barb said…
I'd say your doing very well so far - these are beautiful, sharp and clear!
stunning as always! : )
Lasse said…
You better do - the result was great !!
Rose said…
These are beautiful...would have liked to see the before shot. But that doesn't detract from their beauty.
deb duty said…
Wow, Ellie! You did a fabulous job! These are just glowing with beautiful light!
Tezzie said…
Great job!!! Keep at gets easier after a while, and it really does make such a huge difference in photo quality :)
Kerri said…
Well done my friend......these are super!
Michele said…
Beautiful! You did a wonderful job! Photoshop is amazing! I love it. Have you tried Lightroom? That's where I start all my editing and I do my final tweaks in Photoshop CS5.
Sara said…
These are beautiful Ellie, gorgeous colours and I love the water drops!
I found the CoffeeShop Blog really useful when I was learning to use elements, she explains for full photoshop too. Lots of free actions too.
You'll love Photoshop! These are beautiful edits, so you're doing well already!
Groupdmt said…
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