Yay It's Friday

Oh, I'm so glad it's Friday, have had a bit of a stressful week at work and I'm glad it's over.  Two whole days off before doing it all again. 
I'm just wondering what I'm going to do this weekend and where can I go to take more piccies.  I'm not sure - I'll have to think about it and you will probably get to see the results (whether you want to or not he he).
Anyway I spotted this strange prickly thing the other day. As usual I'm going to say, I've no idea what it is!!! Any ideas anyone?

It's actually a Burdock seed pod - thanks Eileen :)

 I also spotted these two plants and wondered if they may be the flowered version of the prickly one.
They are quite pretty aren't they?

 I did end the week on a high note though - when I turned on my computer and logged onto my blog I discovered I had won a prize!!!  Kimberley at A Fresh Perspective  ran the draw which I won and the prize was The Christmas Lodge dvd.  Have I told you I love Christmas films and my all time favourite is - now don't laugh - "Polar Express", mind you I also love "It's A Wonderful Life".  Now what you have to remember is that I never win anything so it was a great surprise. Thanks very much Kimberley. 

You should go and visit her blog she takes the most wonderful pictures. 

Have a great weekend everyone!!!


Eileen said…
Hi Ellie,

i think it might be a burdock seed pod (see photo here - http://blog.greens.org.nz/?p=12211 )
Jill said…
Congratulations, Ellie! It sounds like it was the perfect time for you to win a surprise!

I'm sorry it was a stressful week for you. May the weekend offer you some peace and relaxation. *HUGS*
TexWisGirl said…
burdock, cocklebur, bur. we call 'em any of the above. :)

have a good weekend, ellie!
lisa said…
These photographs are beautiful Ellie!
Congratulations on winning the DVD.
I love all of the Christmas shows too!
Sorry to hear that you had a stressful week. I hope your weekend is a lovely one. I love the photos of the flowers, how pretty.
Paul said…
Your photos always come out so well. Have you got an expensive camera?
Ellie -
You are such a breath of fresh air.
Buttons said…
Congrats on the prize and I love Its a Wonderful Life.
I hope you have a nice relaxing weekend after your hectic week. No matter what you do I am sure it will involve your trusty camera. Have fun. B
Roan said…
Congratulations on winning the DVD. I'll pop over and check out Kimberley's Fresh Perspective. I miss the actual flowers, but have found I enjoy the flowers, aka weeds, almost as much in the natural color winter coats almost as much as the original blossoms. They have interstings shapes and textures. Very nice shots!
deb duty said…
Lovely photos! I'm sorry you had a rough work week. Hopefully the weekend will make up for it and I'm sure you will find lots of lovely places for photos. You could always go down to that beautiful beach you live near!
Jeanne said…
Hey congratulations on winning that prize! Doesn't that make you feel just great?? I also love the polar express, favorite Christmas Movie to watch with my grandson. Enjoy this weekend and hope it is full of fun photography!
Debbie said…
congrats!! it sound like your luck is changing. perhaps you should try the lottery!!
Rose said…
Congratulations on your win!
I love the pics...I would have said some type of thistle..but oh yeah, burdocks..I remember coming home from the woods when I was young and having them all over me - esp. in the wintertime. Congrats on your win - I love Polar Express as well. Fun to watch with the kids.

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