Wee Highland Coos

Wee Highland Coos

We saw these lovely Highland cows chomping happily on the grass the other day. 
They were so fluffy looking - wait a minute did I really just say a fluffly looking cow? Well it does look a little fluffy!! 
I just had to take a picture. I wanted one to look at me - but they obviously didn't feel like it.


TexWisGirl said…
i follow a blog from nova scotia that raises highland cattle. so cool!
Jill said…
These are awesome! How fun!
Debbie said…
so cute...i don't like being photographed when i am trying to eat ;)
Karen said…
They will be nice and warm this winter!
Rose said…
Oh, I like this kind of cow...never for sure seen any. I have saw one or two that might have been drossed with this kind, but not even sure about that.
The photos of the cows are great. I know we don't have cows like this where I live.
geetlee said…
Wow, love that shaggy coat! must keep them nice and warm
Arnab Majumdar said…
They somehow look more like yaks than cows :D

Arnab Majumdar
Paul Forster said…
Never seen a cow like it. More interesting than the cows in New Zealand
orchid said…
Wow!!! Dear Ellie,
What a shot you had♬♬♬
Whenever you show us your nature different from mine, SO ENJOYABLE.
Oh, yes I checked with Google and found the page of Highland cattle in Scotland. Enjoyed the pictures in there as well. Thank you for introducing us.

Love and Lots of Hugs to you, Orchid*
Pat MacKenzie said…
I've never seen cows with such long hair. How unique.
Rosie said…
They DO look fluffy! :-)
Lasse said…
Cool cows, and they sure look fluffy !!
Mihaela said…
oh I had to laugh a bit.. fluffy cows :) but they are! they could use a visit to the stylist maybe :) mooo! :)
Tezzie said…
I love Highland cows! They are so cute :) They're apparently gaining popularity here in Finland...heard a piece on the radio about them not too long ago. Personally, I prefer to not think about what the animal looks like if I'm eating it's meat...especially if it's a cute cow! ;D
I can honestly say I have never seen cows that looked like those.

Shaggy, aren't they? But interesting. :)

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